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Is sativa good for anxiety and depression?

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
Is sativa good for anxiety and depression

Is sativa good for anxiety and depression?. Many people enjoy cannabis because it produces effects that help them be their best selves. Whether it fosters inspiration, energy, creativity, or even chatter, recreational marijuana use has been popular for decades. However, many users also rely on cannabis for medical reasons, and doctors can even incorporate regular cannabis use into an individual’s personalized treatment plan.

Anxiety is one of the most common reasons people rely on medical marijuana. Each cannabis strain is slightly different and some variants may help with anxiety more than others. Among the many options there are two general subgroups: strains made from Indica parents and those made from Sativa parents. Now, many wonder if sativa-leaning genetics are the ones that help the most in controlling anxiety and depression for users who suffer from these pathologies. Therefore, in this article we are going to focus on solving this question that could surely solve your doubts.

Does sativa calm nerves?

In the study  “An investigation of cannabis use for insomnia in depression and anxiety in a naturalistic sample” by Nirushi Kuhathasan,  Luciano Minuzzi,  James MacKillop, and Benicio N. Frey the following conclusions were obtained regarding cannabis, which is indicated for the treatment of anxiety.

sativa for anxiety

In general, cannabis was deemed effective across various demographics, irrespective of age and gender. Dried flower and oral oil emerged as the most commonly used and effective product forms. Within the depression category, all strains were perceived as effective, and comparisons among strains indicated that indica-dominant, indica hybrid , and sativa-dominant strains were significantly more effective than CBD-dominant strains. In the context of anxiety and comorbid conditions, all strain categories were perceived as effective, with no significant differences observed among strains.

However, we cannot remain with just one conclusion because there are various studies on this topic that provide diverse results. “An investigation of cannabis use for insomnia in depression and anxiety in a naturalistic sample” the scientist determined that  “In terms of perceptions, individuals with depression, anxiety, and both conditions who use cannabis for insomnia report significant improvements in symptom severity after cannabis use. The current study highlights the need for placebo-controlled trials investigating symptom improvement and the safety of cannabinoids for sleep in individuals with mood and anxiety disorders”.

Which is better for nerve pain sativa or indica?

In recent years, a growing interest has emerged surrounding the potential therapeutic advantages of medical marijuana in addressing various health conditions, notably chronic pain. Among the diverse range of ailments being explored, nerve pain, also known as neuropathic pain, has gained prominence due to its challenging and debilitating nature. This type of pain can arise from conditions like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or nervous system injuries. Individuals often turn to medical marijuana as an alternative or complementary remedy, seeking relief from symptoms without the harsh side effects associated with conventional pharmaceuticals. 

Beyond considerations of THC and CBD ratios, it is crucial to weigh the distinctions between indica and sativa strains when pursuing relief from nerve pain. Indica strains, commonly linked with relaxation and sedation, may be preferable for nerve pain due to their pronounced body-relaxing properties that can help alleviate discomfort.

sativa for depresion

Nevertheless, responses to strains can vary among individuals, and some may find relief with specific sativa strains characterized by terpene profiles conducive to pain management. Through experimentation and consultation with knowledgeable healthcare professionals in the realm of medical marijuana, individuals can identify the most suitable strain tailored to their unique needs. When exploring various strains, it is vital to take into account individual factors influencing the effectiveness of medical marijuana for nerve pain. These factors encompass the patient’s overall health, cannabinoid tolerance, and any existing medical conditions. Seeking guidance from a healthcare professional experienced in medical marijuana ensures personalized advice, aligning the chosen strain with the patient’s specific needs and health considerations.

Determining the absolute best strains for nerve pain remains subjective, varying from person to person based on individual preferences, tolerance levels, and specific health conditions. Nonetheless, certain strains have gained popularity for their perceived effectiveness in alleviating symptoms of nerve pain.

Is sativa better for sleep or indica?

Not every variety of cannabis is crafted alike when it comes to addressing specific symptoms. Indica is particularly effective in alleviating insomnia due to its potent, physically relaxing effects and lower psychoactive impact. On the other hand, Sativa tends to induce an energetic and uplifting cerebral sensation. It’s important to note that high-THC strains may hinder the ability to fall asleep, making it crucial to seek a balanced THC and CBD composition. With that in mind, there are numerous hybrid strains that are well-suited for managing insomnia. Here, we’ve gathered a selection of our preferred options.

Why is Sativa so popular?

Sativa genetics are used for antiquity and depression because they have components such as terpenes that can help you feel more relaxed and relaxed. However, you must be careful not to abuse its use. Also, you should take into account what type of sativa genetics you can use to control anxiety or depression, regardless of their popularity.

Here we recommend that you use sativa genetics that are between 50% to 70% sativa maximum. On the other hand, THC levels are important, so it is good to use genetics that are between 8% THC and do not exceed 13% or 14%, with this you will avoid having bad trips. On the other hand, the amount to consume is very relevant for this reason, consume minimum quantities so that you do not have a bad experience, avoid excesses and always stay alert.

Can sativa have opposite effect?

The negative effects that people may feel will depend on each of them. In other words, the effects are specific to each person and should not necessarily be replicated in other users. What we are clear about is that we should avoid consuming certain types of sativa-leaning genetics that can generate side effects such as paranoia in users.

If a patient suffers from anxiety and is exposed to effects such as paranoia that some sativa weed genetics can cause, he will surely be trying to find a way out of this unhealthy moment for his head. For this reason, avoid consuming sativa genetics that can cause this type of effect.

Therefore, it is always good that you consult with a health specialist who has experience working with medicinal cannabis in order to avoid health problems and side effects that weed can cause.

If you use cannabis to combat depression, avoid using those genetics that can produce heaviness in your head and body, effects that are commonly associated with sativa-type genetics. Try some hybrid genetics that are 50% sativa and 50% indica or, failing that, with indica-oriented genetics that are between 55% and 70%. You should also know the parents of the indica genetics that you want to consume and avoid selecting those genetics that have in their family tree and more directly ancestors of weed varieties that induce you on an excessively relaxing and introspective trip.

On the other hand, if you prefer sativa genetics, Fast Version varieties can be a great help because they generally contain ruderalys in their genetics, which makes the impact on your head a little lighter and not as intense as a genetic. purest sativa. Also, you can look for those genetics that are 55% to 70% sativa and with low or medium levels of THC. Do not forget that the moderate consumption of these genetics is essential.

The best Sativa Strain for Anxiety

Now we will see some of the best sativa genetics for controlling anxiety. We select these genetics for specific characteristics such as their low or medium levels of THC. Also, we consider the terpenes that make up these genetics, and the effects they produce on users. Another important point that should not be left aside is that the consumption of these genetics should always be done in minimal quantities to avoid having a bad flight experience.

Is sativa good for anxiety and depression? – Panamá

We recommend Panama for medicinal use in case of depression and anxiety because it has low to medium levels of THC that are between 11%-15%. In addition, the sensations it provokes in its users are usually happy, it fills you with laughter and on the other hand it leaves you focused on the tasks you are doing with a very bearable soft relaxation.

With Panama you can have an incredible day because it lifts your spirits and gives you that extra touch of energy that you need. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about secondary problems such as paraony attacks, which can make you feel bad.

Is sativa good for anxiety and depression? – Maxigom Auto

This genetic called Maxigom Auto will help you in your fight against anxiety. Its effects on users provide extra energy with a certain amount of euphoria and joy. The above, backed by its THC levels that are between 14%-16% which prevents you from having a bad trip. All this is supported by the terpenes that predominate in Maxigom, which are those that promote citrus-type flavors such as lemon or orange and also some that provide earthy-type notes to balance the trip and the flavors on the palate.

En otras palabras, podemos decir que Maxigom Auto comienza con un sutil impacto elevador, que induce pensamientos lúcidos y alivia cualquier dolor. A medida que tu concentración mental se expande, un suave subidón corporal se asienta gradualmente, promoviendo la relajación y ocasionalmente aumentando el hambre. Esta cepa suele ser la preferida por personas que padecen afecciones como ADD o ADHD, estrés crónico, depresión, fatiga crónica y náuseas, gracias a sus efectos beneficiosos. Maxigom Auto  presenta un sabor a mango tropical deliciosamente dulce con una exhalación ligeramente floral. El aroma es terroso con un matiz dulce y afrutado que lleva una esencia floral tropical. Los cogollos de Maxigom Auto son pequeños, esponjosos y poseen un tono verde bosque con pelos de color naranja brillante, todos cubiertos por una hermosa capa de tricomas de cristal de color ámbar dorado.

Is sativa good for anxiety and depression? – Magnum Auto

Magnum Auto, an autoflowering sativa-dominant hybrid, is renowned for delivering a potent combination of effects and a delightful flavor profile. Embraced by cannabis enthusiasts in search of a swift and powerful encounter, this strain boasts compact buds adorned with a thick layer of shimmering white trichomes. The dark green buds, often accented with vivid purple hues and fiery orange pistils, create a visually striking appearance.

The strain’s distinctive scent is characterized by a robust earthiness, complemented by subtle sweet undertones, while hints of pine and citrus add complexity. Its flavor mirrors the aroma, offering a harmonious blend of earthy and pine notes with a touch of citrus sweetness.

Beyond its sensory appeal, Magnum Auto holds particular promise for individuals grappling with anxiety disorders. This strain is celebrated for delivering a well-balanced experience, blending uplifting and relaxing effects. Users report an initial cerebral high that elevates mood, sparks creativity, and heightens awareness. This mental invigoration is accompanied by a gentle physical buzz that alleviates tension and fosters a soothing sense of calm. Notably, Magnum Auto strikes a careful equilibrium, ensuring an enjoyable experience without inducing overwhelming sedation.

With Magnum Auto you can lift a person’s spirits and also calm their anxiety because the user of this genetics will feel more energetic and also happy. Do not forget that this genetics also stimulates the creativity of users and makes you feel on a flying cloud full of happiness. If you suffer from anxiety or depression Magnum Auto is a good alternative since it only has between 12%-14% THC, so you can avoid a bad trip because its THC percentages range from low to medium.

Is sativa good for anxiety and depression? – Cinderella 99 x Blueberry Fast Version 

Cinderella 99 x Blueberry Fast Version is a very fast flowering genetic that also has THC levels that range from medium to high since they are between 15%-20%. This is one of our genetics indicated for users who suffer from problems such as insomnia and, most importantly, depression or anxiety.

Among the terpenes that dominate this variety are humelene and pinene, without a doubt these two terpenes provide those fresh aftertastes. There are also terpenes such as caripholene and linalool that deliver those sweeter and fruitier berry-type flavors with subtle herbal hints.

 Another quality of Cinderella 99 x Blueberry Fast Version is that its CBD levels are close to 2%, so the effects of THC are balanced in a good way, preventing you from having a bad trip, although this does not mean that you can exceed the limits of consumption of this genetics. As we always tell you, maintaining moderation in consumption is the best move to have a good flight and for this genetics to help you in your treatment of anxiety or depression.

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