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Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
Indica vs Sativa

In the past, it was believed that the primary contrast between indica vs sativa cannabis plants was that sativa plants generated more stimulating effects when consumed, while indica plants aided in profound relaxation. Hybrids are cannabis plants that combine both indica and sativa varieties. However, these differentiations between sativas and indicas are not completely precise.

Various factors impact the effect that a certain type of cannabis will have. French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck identified the types discovered in India as Cannabis indica, while Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus labeled the hemp varieties he found as Cannabis sativa. In actuality, sativa and indica generally do not differ significantly in terms of cannabinoid or terpene expression at the chemical level. Merely growth patterns cannot determine the effect that a “strain” (more accurately referred to as a “cultivar”) will have.

What does Sativa mean?

Sativa refers to cannabis that originates from Eastern Europe, Russia, or Central Asia. Varieties of hemp, which are frequently cultivated for their stalk and fiber rather than their flowers, can also be classified as Cannabis sativa. This type of cannabis plant tends to be taller and has a flowering period that lasts between 10 to 14 weeks. The branches are typically more spread out, and the buds or flowers are less compact.


Sativa strains typically have a higher THC to CBD ratio and are known to have terpenes such as terpinenes, beta-caryophyllene, and limonene. Some sativas grown in equatorial regions can also have high levels of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). Nevertheless, this isn’t always true, and indica strains can have comparable cannabinoid and terpene profiles, depending on factors like the plant’s genetics, growing conditions, time of harvest, and expressed phenotype.

Effects or impacts

Sativa strains are known for producing a high that can make you feel invincible and capable of tackling any challenge. Some individuals may experience heightened creativity, while others may feel energized enough to run a marathon. However, this isn’t always the case, and our current understanding of wh¶at a sativa does may not always be accurate. To determine whether a sativa will have more uplifting effects, it’s essential to consider factors like the cultivar, region, as well as the cannabinoid and terpene content. Strains that contain THCV along with CBG, limonene, pinene, and beta-caryophyllene may have more stimulating effects, and they typically originate from equatorial regions. Examples of such cultivars include Durban Posion or Mozambique.

Optimal Usage Times

It is advisable to consume sativa strains in the morning or during the day as a replacement for coffee. However, it’s best to avoid using sativas at night because their energizing effects could result in insomnia. It’s important to note that this may not always be true, as some myrcene and THC-rich strains can have sedative effects.

Indica vs Sativa

Now that we have a foundation of knowledge about Indica and Sativa, let’s delve into a deeper comparison of their key characteristics:

Indica: Short and bushy structure with wide leaves.
Sativa: Tall and slender structure with narrow leaves.

Indica: Relaxing, sedating, and physically soothing.
Sativa: Uplifting, energizing, and mentally stimulating.

Medicinal Applications:
Indica: Effective for pain relief, muscle relaxation, and insomnia.
Sativa: Beneficial for mood disorders, fatigue, and enhancing focus.

Terpene Profiles:
Indica: Rich in myrcene, contributing to its sedative properties.
Sativa: High in limonene and pinene, offering uplifting and energetic qualities.

Indica: Thrives in cooler climates and has a shorter flowering time.
Sativa: Flourishes in warmer climates and requires a longer flowering period.

It is important to note that many cannabis strains available today are hybrids, combining traits from both Indica and Sativa. These hybrids offer a diverse range of effects and can cater to individual preferences with remarkable precision.

New and classic Sativa marijuana strains for cultivation in your garden

As you already know, in the world of cannabis there is a great variety of weed genetics that users have classified in different ways, being the classification between old and new school one of the favorites of users. For this reason, here we are going to share 3 sativa-type genetics that are part of this new school of cannabis varieties. Buy now, for your next crop, these sativa-type cannabis seeds, as they guarantee large yields and plants of the highest quality and genetic stability.

Clementine strain

The Clementine feminized is a sativa cannabis strain that has gained a great reputation for its sweet and citrusy flavor, potent aroma, and energizing effects. This strain is produced by crossing the Tangie and Lemon Skunk varieties and is known for its high THC levels and ability to produce abundant yields both indoors and outdoors. Regarding yields, one can expect a production of around 0.98-1.32 oz/ft2 indoors, with a flowering time of around 8-9 weeks. Outdoors, the Clementine feminized usually produces yields of around 14-21 oz/plant, with a harvest date around late September.


In terms of taste and aroma, the Clementine feminized has a unique profile that combines sweet and citrusy notes with hints of lemon and orange. Users can expect a smooth and pleasant smoke that produces a stimulating and energizing cerebral high. The THC levels in the Clementine  feminized are quite high, usually between 18% and 22%, making it a potent strain that is not recommended for beginners. The effects it produces in users vary, but usually include a feeling of happiness, euphoria, and creativity.

Regarding the best outdoor cultivation techniques for this strain, it is recommended to plant the seeds in the spring and ensure that the plants receive enough direct sunlight. The Clementine  feminized is also susceptible to humidity, so it is recommended to cultivate it in a place with good air circulation and keep it well-watered. It is also important to provide enough space between the plants for them to have enough room to grow. With these care techniques, one can expect a bountiful and high-quality harvest of this incredible sativa strain.

Critic Boom Strain

Critic Boom strain is a high-yielding cannabis strain that can produce up to 7 oz/plant when grown outdoors and up to 2.14 oz/ft2 when cultivated indoors. This Sativa-dominant hybrid has a THC content ranging from 20% to 25%. Users of Critic Boom  may experience uplifting and euphoric effects, along with a sense of creativity, happiness and focus. The strain’s flavors and aromas are a combination of sweet and fruity notes, with hints of pine and spices.

Critic Boom
Critic Boom

The best places to grow Critic Boom in the United States are in warm and sunny climates, such as California, Arizona, and Nevada. Additionally, this strain is suitable for indoor cultivation due to its manageable size and strong resistance to pests and diseases. Bimburn Seeds is the best place to buy Critic Boom seeds because they offer a high-quality product that is guaranteed to produce stable and consistent genetics. Their seeds have a high germination rate, ensuring a successful harvest for growers.

New York Diesel Auto

New York Diesel Auto is an autoflowering cannabis variety that is considered a classic genetic in the cannabis world. This variety is the result of crossing a New York Diesel plant with a ruderalis strain, creating a high-quality autoflowering cannabis variety. In terms of yields, New York Diesel Auto is a plant that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, a yield of around 1.47-1.64 oz/ft2 can be expected. Outdoors, the yield can reach 3.5-5.2 oz/plant.

Regarding potency, New York Diesel Auto has a THC content of 12-14%. The effects of this strain are predominantly sativa, meaning they are energizing and stimulating. Users may experience a sense of euphoria, happiness, and creativity, with an increase in brain activity and a decrease in anxiety.

New York Diesel Auto
New York Diesel Auto

The buds of New York Diesel Auto are dense and covered in sticky trichomes. They have a distinctive and strong aroma with hints of diesel and citrus. The flavor is similar, with a strong and earthy taste with notes of diesel and citrus.

Regarding indoor cultivation techniques, it is recommended to use the LST (Low Stress Training) technique to maximize bud yield and quality. It is also important to monitor the water’s pH and EC levels and provide adequate nutrition to ensure healthy growth. Additionally, the defoliation technique can be used to ensure that the plant receives enough light and ventilation, which can help prevent problems such as mold and fungal diseases.

What means indica?

Indica strains originate from India and Afghanistan, and they typically grow in harsh, mountainous environments. Consequently, they tend to have a shorter, stockier appearance and can thrive in cooler climates. Additionally, indicas have a shorter flowering period ranging from six to nine weeks.


Typically, indicas contain THC levels that are comparable to those found in sativas. However, certain indica strains may also have elevated levels of the cannabinoid CBD. Terpenes such as limonene, linalool, beta-caryophyllene, and myrcene are more commonly found in indica varieties.

Impacts or effect

Indica strains are typically associated with a “couch lock” effect, causing a feeling of being stuck to one’s seat and less inclined to move. Indicas may be more tolerable for some users because of their higher CBD content, which can produce a pleasantly sedating effect throughout the body.

However, it’s important to note that these broad generalizations don’t always hold true. Many sativa strains can also be rich in CBD, demonstrating that the potential for cannabis plants to express a variety of cannabinoids is determined by their genetics.

The environment in which a plant is grown, including factors such as temperature, humidity, and altitude, as well as when it is harvested during its flowering cycle and the amount of light it receives, can all influence which cannabinoids are ultimately expressed.

Optimal Usage Times

Indica strains are commonly used by individuals as a natural sleep aid in the evenings. However, it is not guaranteed that indica strains will induce sleep. It is recommended to use them when you have ample time to unwind and relax.

Classic and New Indica Marijuana Strains for Your Garden Cultivation

We cannot disregard the indica genetics of the new generation of cannabis offerings in the US market. That’s why we are showcasing three popular or new-generation indica cannabis varieties, including autoflowering, fast versions, and feminized seeds. You can purchase these genetics now in our high-quality online store with discreet and secure shipping.

Carmen 2.0 Fast Version – Indica vs Sativa

Carmen 2.0 Fast Version is a fast-flowering cannabis strain that is much quicker to mature than its feminized or regular version. This strain is  indica  and born by the cross between Carmen and a fast-flowering male, resulting in a rapid-flowering and high-yielding plant. The flowering time of Carmen 2.0 Fast Version is only around 6-7 weeks, making it an ideal choice for those who want a quick turnaround time. This strain can produce yields of around 1.31-1.63 oz/ft2 indoors and 10-12 oz/plant outdoors.

The flavors and aroma of Carmen 2.0 Fast Version are characterized by a citrus and fruity taste with hints of pine and citrus. This strain is also known for its high resin production, making it an excellent choice for making extracts like rosin or BHO.

Carmen 2.0

This strain is best grown in a warm and sunny climate, with a Mediterranean or semi-arid climate being ideal. The states in the USA where the best results can be obtained with Carmen 2.0 Fast Version include California, Arizona, and Colorado.

The SOG (Sea of Green) technique is recommended for indoor cultivation of this strain, as it allows for maximum yields in a limited space. With proper care and attention, this strain can produce THC levels of around 14-16%, making it a potent choice for experienced users. In summary, Carmen 2.0 Fast Version is a fast-flowering cannabis strain with a sweet and fruity taste and aroma, high resin production, and high THC levels. It is best grown in warm and sunny climates, and the SOG technique is recommended for indoor cultivation. This strain is an excellent choice for those who want a quick turnaround time and a high-yielding plant.

Chemdog Diesel Auto – Indica Vs Sativa

Chemdog Diesel Auto is a mostly indica cannabis strain known for its intense aroma and relaxing effects. This genetics is produced by crossing Chemdog, Sour Diesel, and Ruderalis, which gives it a rapid flowering and good bud production. The cultivation time of Chemdog Diesel Auto from planting to harvest is around 9-10 weeks, making it a fast-growing variety. As for the effects, users can expect a feeling of physical and mental relaxation, as well as an initial euphoria that fades into a sense of tranquility and sleepiness.

Regarding bud production, around 1.15-1.47 oz/ft² can be expected indoors and around 2-3 oz/plant outdoors. When growing indoors, it should be noted that Chemdog Diesel Auto can be sensitive to high temperatures and humidity, so it’s important to maintain good ventilation and adequate humidity levels.

Chemdog Diesel Auto
Chemdog Diesel Auto

Additionally, this strain can grow quite tall, so providing enough space for the plants is recommended. The buds of Chemdog Diesel Auto are dense and resinous, with a strong diesel aroma and earthy notes. Thanks to its high resin content, this strain is very popular for extracting concentrates such as rosin or BHO. Regarding the ideal climate for outdoor cultivation in the United States, Chemdog Diesel Auto performs best in warm and sunny climates with daytime temperatures between 70-80°F and cool nights.

Khalifa Kush – Indica vs Sativa

Khalifa Kush is a predominantly Indica cannabis strain that was created in honor of rapper Wiz Khalifa. This genetic offers a very high potency with THC levels ranging between 26% and 30%, making it a popular choice for both recreational and medicinal users. The flowering period of Khalifa Kush occurs within a time frame of 8 to 10 weeks, and offers an average yield of around 1.31-1.63 oz/ft2 indoors. The Low Stress Training (LST) technique can be used to maximize yields, as it helps to control plant growth and increase bud production.

Regarding outdoor cultivation techniques, it is recommended to plant Khalifa Kush in a temperate and sunny climate where the plants can receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. The best time to start growing this genetics in the Northeast of the United States is in the spring, ideally in late May or early June.

Khalifa Kush
Khalifa Kush

The effects of Khalifa Kush are predominantly relaxing, with a cerebral high that can be very euphoric and creative. Users have also reported an increase in appetite and a sedative effect that can help alleviate pain and anxiety. As for the flavor and aroma, Khalifa Kush offers a blend of sweet, earthy, and spicy notes, with hints of lemon and mint. The combination of these flavors and aromas makes this genetic very pleasant to smoke.

Strains featured in this article:

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