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Growing Chocolopez with the SCROG method

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
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What is the scrog method?

It is a technique that helps gardeners grow cannabis plants in a more homogeneous way. With this form of cultivation, feminized cannabis plants, mostly sativa and hybrid, grow and bloom with their central stem and lateral branches horizontally. This is produced thanks to the mesh in the upper part of the plant during growth.

If this is the first time you are going to do a scrog, we will now share the step by step. This method requires a bit of daily effort because every day you must be careful to put the branches of your marijuana plant under the mesh.

Step 1

First, it is important to carry out a fim or topping type pruning with which a horizontal growth of the plant is obtained, preventing it from having the typical vertical growth. This helps the plant to produce a good number of lateral arms. In addition, the central stem of the plant generates a multiplication of the number of tips. This helps your cannabis seeds develop perfectly during growth. In addition, in flowering, marijuana plants flourish by absorbing large amounts of light in indoor crops and also avoiding pests, fungi, and different diseases in flowering because this allows a good aeration of the plants and gives them greater freedom.

Chocolopez Marijuana Plant Indoor

To show you how it is done, we take our Chocolopez plant as an example. These marijuana seeds are mostly sativa and therefore tend to have a spiky, tree-like growth. Here, you can buy these cannabis varieties to make an incredible scrog. In this case, the maginifica Chocolopez was pruned with an apical cut. That is, its central stem was cut in a state of juvenile growth which allows a greater creation of tails by the plant. These tails will be placed underneath the Scrog mesh so that they later grow as if they were central stems, making the most of the potential of this sativa weed strain.

Step 2

Second, it is necessary to have the correct measurement for the distance between the plants and the mesh. This is important for the power of light in the garden and also the space you have to grow. A good distance between the plants and the light allows the plant to receive the lighting in a more direct and homogeneous way, enhancing its horizontal growth and also its flowering. You can see in the image how Chocolopez has grown at a certain distance from the mesh where its lateral arms began to tangle and grow as if they were the main trunk.

Chocolopez Marijuana Plant Indoor

It is important that the holes in the mesh have a considerable space, that is, that they are not so small or so large. This is because when the Chocolopez tails get fat in flowering, they need space to develop well. It should be remembered that this variety, despite being mostly sativa, is highly productive and its tails tend to be robust and full of flowers that fill the entire space of the scrog mesh.

Step 3

At this point, you need to be careful with the plant. We say this because it is necessary to bend the branches and in some cases, they tend to break. To prevent the branches that are located under the mesh from breaking, you can first locate the branches of the upper part of the plant that are closer to the mesh. In case some branches are a little shorter, give it 1 more week to stretch as much as possible. When the branches are well located under the mesh and have covered all the surfaces, you can pass your plant to flowering. It should be noted that in the first two weeks of flowering, the branches will tend to extend because the plant maximizes its size, up to 3 times at this point.

Chocolopez Marijuana Plant Indoor

As it encounters a stress underneath the mesh, it will have to explode through its side branches. If you want, you can use a plastic tie gently to help you control the plant. Then, with this control, the side branches will start to rise as if they were main tails on your cannabis plant. As you can see in the photo, Chocolopez being a 95% sativa strain tends to glean in a good way. For this specific crop, the farmer did not use tails. The above speaks of how easy it is to grow feminized seeds of Chocolopez despite its slight stretch.

Step 4

When to put the plants in bloom?

To avoid excessive planting, it is recommended to go to flowering in a maximum of 3 to 4 days after the tails exceed the mesh so growers can avoid stretching problems. As you can see in the image, the feminized seeds of Chocolopez have delivered a great plant. This feminized cannabis plant from Chocolopez begins to take shape in flowering with tails that stand out with the growth of its flowers.

Chocolopez Marijuana Plant Indoor

When flowering progresses, you should start checking each tail to prevent it from breaking due to the weight and to make sure it receives the necessary light. Remember that a good ventilation system for both air intake and extraction is necessary because the plant always needs fresh air to be able to maintain itself, even more so with a scrog system.

Step 5

As you can see in the image, the tails are slightly tilted. This is why you may need help with some kind of tie. You can fasten the tails to the mesh with some type of plastic tie or similar. This allows it to have a support and helps the tail to bloom with ease. If you are a breeder who likes to experiment, you can put stakes between the tails and the mesh. This must be done very carefully so as not to damage the crop. At this point, it is important to highlight how the Chocolopez plant managed to occupy the spaces of the mesh. That tells us that this mostly sativa strain is perfect for scrogging.

Chocolopez Marijuana Plant Indoor

This is why when starting this tutorial, we recommend sativa or hybrid varieties because they are the ones indicated for scrog. Indica is more complicated because you need more plants to fill the space of 1 mesh. We must point out that more than 1 indica plant is required for Scrog cultivation due to their short internodes and arms in indoor cultivation, they are not enough to fill a mesh.

Step 6

The watering of the cannabis plants is essential to be done with care. We say this to avoid overwatering or water shortages. Some farmers use hose irrigation systems when scrogging. Others utilize showers with long dispensers in order to irrigate their marijuana plants. Chocolopez is a strain that needs medium watering in the growth phase and during flowering and can be maintained with a medium dose of water.

Chocolopez Marijuana Plant Indoor

Don’t overdo it with fertilizers because it can damage your crop. We recommend that you test the plant and if you grow in substrate, observe the soil and try to feel it or extract samples to measure its humidity. Another important point is that in the lower part of the plant, you can defoliate to remove the lower branches and leaves that do not serve a greater purpose. Remember that if the lower part of the plant does not get more lighting at all times, there is no development.

Once the cultivation is finished, you can carefully cut the upper tips of the tails without damaging the fruits of the tails. After this, you can cut the rest of the plant. We do not recommend removing the mesh with the tails full of flowers because you can damage the crop.

Blimburn Seeds Bank wishes you the best in your garden and we hope you will have great harvests. Also, we hope this scrog guide for your feminized marijuana plants will be of great help to you. Do not forget that you can buy your cannabis seeds directly on our website where you also have the best content needed to grow large XXL crops.


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