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Cannabis Growing Calendar 2023 USA

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Mike Wilson
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Growing weed outdoors is the best option for many growers. You don’t have to worry about expensive lighting systems and it’s natural. However, you must take into account where you are going to grow and how this affects your growing season. This is why Blimburn Seeds created this cultivation calendar, designed for the United States, a country that we divide into two sections: the Northern States and the Southern States.

Seeing that the marijuana plant has different needs throughout its life cycle, this Outdoor Cannabis Growing Calendar covers the entire growing cycle of the plants. It also considers average day lengths and temperatures by region and provides information on when the outdoor flowering period begins. Let’s not wait any longer and get started.

The time of growing season

Before you start growing, you should prepare yourself and understand how long the outdoor marijuana growing season lasts as it will help you plan your marijuana growing schedule. In general, an average cannabis plant (hybrid varieties) takes around 3-5 months for its growing cycle from seed to harvest.

However, many factors such as the genetics being grown and the size of your plant affect the speed of cultivation. For example, autochthonous or landrace genetics of the sativa type, typical of warm and tropical climates such as Thailand, Colombia, or certain places in Africa, have much longer growing cycles because their flowering tends to be much longer. This is why the full range for growing outdoors is around 2-6 months for varieties that you can buy in our Blimburn Seeds shop.

Growing cannabis stage. Tips for Northern States, USA

Start germinating marijuana seeds between March and April, depending on the climatic conditions in your area. Carry out this germination process indoors because the temperatures are still low outside which can spoil this process. If you germinate your seeds at the end of March or in April, you can plant the seeds in pots with substrate and keep them indoors until spring starts with better temperatures and the ice and cold go away. After this, in mid-May or June, you can move the plants in their pots outdoors.


In the event that you want to grow directly in mother earth, the best time to do so is at the beginning of June because the climate is hot and humid and there is a greater amount of sunlight available. In any case, we tell you that the most suitable and used cultivation technique for marijuana plants outdoors in the north is growing in pots. This allows you to control the soil and irrigation more effectively and protect plants from external factors such as wind and animals.

Growing cannabis stage. Tips for Southern States, USA

Here too, you can start germinating marijuana seeds between March and April, depending on the weather conditions in your area. Also, you can plant the seeds in pots around April, once the risk of frost has passed. Between the end of April and the end of May are the best times to move the potted plants outside.

Growing cannabis stage. Tips for Southern States USA

In general, the most suitable growing technique for outdoor marijuana plants in the South is growing in soil. The soil in the south is usually warmer and wetter than in the north, providing a more suitable environment for the growth of marijuana plants. Although, we know that growers prefer to use large pots that are mostly fabric of 26 gallon capacity or higher.

The preflowering time

The pre-flowering phase is key for outdoor cultivation because it is at this time that the plant shows the first pistils. Pre-flowering can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks, but that time can vary depending on the climate where you grow and the strain you are growing. Knowing when pre-flowering begins and how long it lasts outdoors is important because this is the ideal time to check and remove any male cannabis plants that have been growing alongside your females.

It’s hard to know when pre-flowering will occur with outdoor plants because you can’t control the amount of light they receive. Although by doing a prior analysis of the genetics you grow, searching for information on the internet, and consulting with other gardeners who have already cultivated that weed strain, you can have a referential idea of ​​when your weed plants will present the first pistils.

The preflowering time

Autoflowering genetics can flower independently of the hours of light they receive during their cultivation. Unlike photoperiod cannabis strains that do not flower at all, their light cycle is reduced from 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness to a cycle of 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

For this reason, photoperiod strains will only flower once daylight hours begin to wane which begins after the summer solstice. In other words, when the summer is ending. So, if you want to know when the flowering period begins in the north (USA) such as Michigan, you should pay as much attention to the growing calendar as you do to your plants.

Preflowering and Flowering time in Northern States, USA

We have reached the month of June in the northern states of the USA. In this month, the plants begin with the accelerated development of their structures. Specifically, autoflowering marijuana seeds grow faster and will develop their buds. Rising temperatures will also make photoperiod cannabis plants grow faster.

During July, the higher temperatures cause autoflowering plants to develop large clusters of buds. For their part, photoperiod cannabis plants will begin to develop the first pistils, that is, they start pre-flowering. Growers who use regular marijuana seeds should pay special attention to male plants. You can easily spot a male as they develop small balls on the stem of the plant. For their part, the female plants produce drop-shaped calyxes from which two pistils protrude and end up forming the buds that weed breeders so desire.

Preflowering and Flowering time in North State USA

If you started the crop with autoflowering cannabis seeds in May, in the month of August, you can now harvest them. You can harvest by cutting the central stem of the plant from the base and hanging it upside down in a dark place where it can dry. They dry in ten to 15 days at room temperature and do not need additional heat. The process is complete if a twig breaks when you bend it. Also in the month of August, photoperiod plants begin their flowering process, producing a large number of buds at full speed.

Preflowering and Flowering time in South State USA

In the month of July, in ​the Southern States of the USA, something similar happens because the Autoflowering genetics begin to produce their buds. Meanwhile, the regular and feminized varieties, both photoperiod-dependent, begin to generate their first pistils (preflowering).

August is also the right month to harvest autoflowering plants that you grow outdoors. However, photo dependent weed varieties, such as feminized or regular plants, can be harvested at the end of September, the time that marks the end of summer in the southern states of the USA.

Preflowering and Flowering time in South State USA

If you grow weed strains with longer flowering cycles such as Thai-type sativa genetics, you may have to wait until October for harvest which is possible in the southern states of the USA but you must do so carefully because the temperatures drop sharply and humidity also increases in some areas, even some light rains fall, so you must protect your crop so as not to lose all of the work done during the season.

Two of the best cannabis strains for growing in the southern states of the USA

Strawberry Diesel

Strawberry Diesel is a hybrid strain that originated from the cross of NYC Diesel x Strawberry Cough. It has a flowering time of around 8-10 weeks and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Grown indoors, you’re going to reap a yield of around 1.64 oz/ft2. On the other hand, outdoor gardeners will obtain a harvest of 17 oz/plant with very resinous buds and aromas that are a mixture of diesel and sweet fruits. In addition, Strawberry Diesel’s THC levels are in the 18-20% range, generating effects that are euphoric, energizing, and that cause feelings of happiness. This makes it ideal for recreational use and to increase creativity and motivation. Its flavor is a mix between diesel and strawberry-type sweetness.

Strawberry Diesel

To maximize the yield of Strawberry Diesel, cultivation techniques such as growth control, use of proper fertilizers and nutrients, and pest and disease control can be used. It is also important to provide good lighting and ventilation to promote healthy plant growth. Other important factors to consider include the choice of soil or growing medium, proper watering, and adjusting the temperature and humidity of the growing environment (indoor crops).

Fat Bastard

The Fat Bastard feminized cannabis strain is a hybrid strain that genetically combines Gold Member and Older Spunk. It has a flowering time of around 8-10 weeks and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Grown indoors, a yield of up to 1.96 oz/ft2 can be expected. Grown outdoors, you can expect a yield of up to 31 oz/plant. Fat Bastard has extreme THC levels in the 30%-38% range. The effects it produces are relaxing and sedative, making it ideal for medicinal use and to relieve migraines and anxiety. It has a flavor and aroma of smoky terpenes and kush with hints of fruit and skunk.

Fat Bastard

Fat Bastard is best suited for warmer, sunnier climates, although it can also be grown in cooler climates if the necessary precautions are taken. It is possible to grow Fat Bastard in the southern US states, but it is important to note that growing cannabis is still illegal in many US states and it is necessary to check local laws before growing any cannabis variety.

Two of the best cannabis strains for growing in the northern states of the USA

Moonshine Cookies Auto

Moonshine Cookies Auto is a variety of autoflowering cannabis that is characterized by its fast cultivation time and its Cookies genetics, a popular variety recognized for its flavor and aroma of oatmeal cookies.

This strain produces compact, dense buds with a large amount of resin, making it ideal for extracting cannabis oil and other concentrated products. The effects it generates are creative and help focus you, making it great for sharing with friends. Regarding the aromas and flavors, Moonshine Cookies Auto has an aroma of oatmeal cookies with notes of spices and a flavor with a sweet and fruity touch with citrus and berry notes.

Moonshine Cookies

It should be noted that Moonshine Cookies Auto has a higher potency because its THC levels are 24%-30% which is incredible even for autoflowering genetics. This strain will only take you 6 to 8 weeks to grow, from which you will obtain up to 14 oz/plant grown outdoors and about 2.62 oz/ft2 indoors. This is perfect for growers in the northern states of the USA where summers tend to be shorter, cooler, and have higher humidity percentages. To the above, we add that Moonshine Cookies Auto is recommended for novice growers and has undoubtedly perfect genetics.

Chocolope Fast Version

Chocolope Fast Version is a mostly sativa strain, derived from the popular Chocolope strain. This is a sped up version of the original strain with a shorter flowering time of around 6-8 weeks. For this reason, this strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Gardeners growing it indoors will reap a yield of up to 1.47 oz/ft2. Grown outdoors, the plants deliver monster yields of up to 22 oz/plant.

Chocolope Regular

Besides, Chocolope Fast Version has THC levels that range from 18%-20%. The effects it produces are energizing, euphoric, and cerebral with a strong psychedelic effect that brightens your day. As for its flavor, we can tell you that it has an herbal flavor with sweet and fruity notes. To be successful in growing these genetics outdoors in the northern states of the United States, we recommend that you start growing them indoors in early spring so that when the sun shines in all its glory and the rains stop, you can bring them outdoors. As the flowering cycle is short, you can harvest it before the growing season ends, avoiding problems with the weather. Although, it is always good to check the Chocolope Fast Version plants to avoid damaging the harvest.

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