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How to Store your Weed in Glass Containers

Dani Walton
Dani Walton
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If you want to store your bud harvest the right way without risking damaging those flowers you worked so hard to grow, you should read this guide carefully. The main risk you run when you store your buds in the wrong way is that they fill with fungi which makes them non smokeable. Another reason is that many times, when stored in plastic bags, the buds tend to lose their trichomes because they stick to the walls of the bag and badly degrades its quality.

It is important to know how to store your buds correctly, so we give you this guide to help you make the best storage of your flowers after drying and curing. Now, we go straight to what brings us together, that is, how to store weed buds in the best way.

Medium temperature places to store your weed

First, you need to find a balance between high temperatures and low temperatures below zero when storing your buds because both cases are extreme and your flowers will be at risk. With high temperatures, cannabis tends to dry out and cause the terpenes to evaporate. This means that you should not store weed near a heater, water system, or outside in full sun.

On the other hand, it is also good to avoid temperatures below zero because the trichomes of the buds could burst which would cause your buds to lose potency. So, the solution is to use a dark place like a closet or a wooden box as the physical place to leave your weed.

Forget the plastic to store buds

If you are storing your flowers in plastic bags, remove them because their static charge can fry the trichomes. We recommend immediately removing any flowers you have in plastic containers or bags. With this solution, you will avoid several problems in the future with your self-cultivated flowers.

Avoid humidity when storing buds

As we have already said, in extremely dry environments, cannabis can become brittle and difficult to smoke. While in humidity, it is exposed to fungi such as mold. If you keep the flowers in adequate humidity, you will have buds with a healthy color, a good aroma, and a delicious flavor. So, when you store your cannabis flowers, you can keep them with moisture controllers, the kind used for clothes, so you can keep the balance and not put the harvest at risk.

Oxygen is essential for weed flowers

Cannabis plants need oxygen throughout the cultivation process, however, during the storage of the buds, this vital element must be in proper measure to avoid possible degradation. So, you must maintain a balance in the amount of oxygen that the flowers receive. On the one hand, too little air can cause the flowers to dry out too much and on the other, excess air causes the buds to degrade much faster.

Best container

The best containers for buds

Using airtight containers to store your buds is one of the best things you can do. Therefore, airtight glass containers will be your best allies when it comes to preserving the buds because they do not perspire, they usually maintain good humidity, and they preserve the flavor. Therefore, you should try to keep the weed in the jars away from light and heat because these types of containers usually control the amount of oxygen that enters them in a good way.

Another alternative is to use airtight jars with dark colors that filter UV rays from the outside. This prevents the flowers from drying out very quickly and also allows you to preserve the flavor and smell.

The best way to preserve buds

As we already said, airtight glass containers are the best for storing buds which is why we recommend them again. Now, that is not enough as the weed that you want to save must meet certain requirements including being very dry to avoid problems with fungi. Obviously, trimming after or before drying is essential so that the remains or excess leaves do not contaminate the flowers. You should also ensure that the glass jar is sterilized as this will prevent any fungus or outside germs from contaminating the buds.

To give the buds oxygen and prevent the internal perspiration of the jar from damaging the harvest, you can uncover the container for about 20 to 30 minutes a day to ensure good ventilation for the flowers. Another important point is to fill the jar to only a third of its capacity to avoid excess of flowers damaging the entire harvest. This will allow the flowers to reach an optimum point of maturity inside the hermetic glass jar.

The perfect way to store cannabis joints

The conservation of the joints is very similar to that of the buds, that is, in a dry, dark place with controlled humidity. Some specialists even point out that the packages of joints must be consumed within a maximum time of 30 days after they are opened to prevent them from drying out. If you want to keep weed cigarettes longer, you can repackage them, preventing them from being exposed to too much air and thus preventing them from drying out excessively.This will also help preserve their properties such as flavor.

Other tips for conserving weed

It is always good to take into account different ways to preserve marijuana because with more alternatives, the greater the possibility of success. That is why we are going to tell you about some of the most used systems as well as some techniques that you should avoid using if you want to keep your buds in good shape.

Vacuum seal your crops:

If you are a gardener that harvests large plants that can be various varieties in a large number or simply a few giant-sized plants then vacuum sealing the crops will be the best thing for you. When you vacuum seal the buds you harvest, you can better control the smell and even reduce it to the outside, making storage and transportation more discreet. Also, vacuum sealing the weed flowers allows them to have a better conservation for a slightly longer time than normal.

Other tips for conserving weed

Say no to the fridge and freezer

Avoid storing your marijuana in the fridge as there is a lot of condensation which generates humidity and obviously promotes the appearance of fungi in the buds. Do not damage your crop! Take care of it and keep it in good shape. If you keep it in the freezer, when you take it out, you will notice that it is brittle which is not a good thing.

Ground weed

In case you want to store the herb already ground or chopped, try to consume it as soon as possible because it has a much lower chance of resistance than a weed flower. That is why we recommend consuming it within 30 days from the time it is chopped to preserve the best possible flower terpenes.

How to store marijuana extracts correctly

Well, we already talked about how to store weed buds and joints. Now, we are going to focus on telling you how to correctly preserve extracts or products derived from weed. This is good to know because many times the process is unknown. Some think that it is the same to store a cannabis bud as a cannabis extract or oil, but it is not the case. On the contrary, they have different styles and processes for storage.

Food and cannabis infusions

In the case of cannabis infusions or meals, it is best to store them in the refrigerator because they generally contain various food products such as eggs or butter that require refrigeration. In these cases, the hermetic plastic pots will be our great allies because they allow us to preserve these cannabis edibles or liquids with weed, such as tea, in the best way.

How to store marijuana extracts correctly

Cannabis tinctures and oils

On the other hand, tinctures can be stored in their original containers in a dark and cool space because their degradation process is usually less or slower than other cannabis-based products. Despite that, it is recommended to follow the normal patterns with cannabis so that its degradation does not occur suddenly and they can fulfill their function.

Take care of your cannabis concentrates

Cannabis concentrates can be stored in glass containers that are as airtight as flowers with the difference that they can be stored in the refrigerator to maintain their flavor, potency, and quality as they remain fresh and do not degrade. Also, it is possible to store them in dry, dark, and cool places so they will not be damaged.

New ways to store weed

We already know that airtight glass containers are the best for storing weed, however, in the cannabis market, creative ventures and brands that innovate never cease to amaze. Here, we are going to leave you with some ways to store your weed in a big way with these new formulas.

Hermetic bags to carry weed

In today’s market, there are bags designed with special fabrics with velcro closures and also rubber locks to prevent the aroma of the weed from filtering. These types of accessories are perfect if you want to store the weed you have as they are easy to take on any trip and also have carbon walls which prevent you from having problems with the smell that emanates from the grass.

New glass jars

​​Glass jars with airtight lids have evolved in such a way that in today’s market, you can find this type of container with temperature and humidity meters. This is a great advance, especially if you are a cannabis fanatic because true connoisseurs are always concerned about the details even when they have their weed or joints stored. Therefore, knowing the humidity and temperature of the container can regulate these factors and professionally preserve the terpenes of your buds, their flavor, and potency.

New Containers

New generation plastic weed containers

Although we do not recommend storing your weed in plastic containers for a long time, doing it for a short period can be okay (for example, if you are going to travel or if you want to carry a little weed for the day while you are out and about in the city.)

For this, a new generation of plastic containers has been created that have vacuum sealing, a system that works with a manual vacuum pump that removes all of the air to keep your buds fresh for longer. Without a doubt, its built-in activated carbon filter makes it safer for you 420 adventurers because it prevents the aroma from leaking out.

Vacuum sealers

Today, in the market, you can find compact-sized vacuum sealers that allow you to seal bags and even jars in order to avoid excess oxygen and the damage that this factor can cause to the buds. As we have already told you, the excess of oxygen damages the buds, degrades their terpenes, decreases their flavor, and lowers the quality of the effect. Therefore, these types of portable devices are great for sealing a couple of bags and jars to store your weed the right way.

To finish, we want to wish you the best in your cultivation and also in the storage of your buds. Remember to keep these tips in mind so that you achieve success throughout the process. Also remember that you can buy your high quality cannabis seeds here at Blimburn Seeds where we have free, fast, and safe shipping. If you have any questions, ask our advisers and stay connected to our blog where you will find more information that will surely help you get to the next level.

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