USA Marijuana Seeds

American gardeners are always looking for the best cannabis strains. Also, Canadian farmers prefer the best weed seeds for growing both indoors and outdoors. This is why we share with you in this guide “The Best Top 10 US Cannabis Seeds“, so that you get the best harvests in your garden. These varieties of weed are classified as the best according to their heavy yields as well as their delicious flavors or aromas. In addition, we take into account the effects of each ganja genetics and their levels of THC, CBD or CBG. It should be noted that flowering time and also other factors such as resistance to pests or diseases and ease of cultivation are considered in this list.


Blue Dream

Over time Blue Dream, a hybrid strain has become a true cannabis classic, dominating the dispensary charts and also the top-selling marijuana seeds. All this, because its qualities are unique and special, the sweet berry flavor is magnificent and when it ripens during flowering it takes on magical colors.


Blue Dream Marijuana Plant


Speaking of flowering, we must point out that it flowers in a time of 65 – 70 days indoors and for outdoor gardeners, it is ready to be harvested in mid to late October. Blue Dream harvests are super heavy since you can get 600gr – 800gr / plant outdoors and if you grow indoors 600gr / m2. To make matters worse, this Haze x Blueberry cross that gives life to Blue Dream concentrates high levels of THC ranging from 17% – 24% and a CBD percentage of 2%, which makes it special for recreational and medicinal users. We must add that the effect of this hybrid genetics is relaxed, happy and uplifting, ideal for an afternoon at the lake, the beach or to relax at home while watching a series or movie on Netflix.


Jack Herer

Cannabis fans recognize Jack Herer as a mostly sativa genetics that stands out for its euphoric, energizing and powerful high. We want to emphasize that this sativa has become a classic and essential in dispensaries, cannabis seed catalogs and online grow stores.The effects of Jack Herer are massive and they happen because, it has 20% THC and it is 80% sativa, really incredible. Another important point is the great harvests of this genetics because, outdoors you can harvest up to 1000 gr / plant, it is a true heavy yields.


Jack Herer Marijuana Plant


For their part, indoor farmers obtain up to 600g/m2 of hard, resinous buds of an incredible level, typical of this strain that belongs to the Haze family. We have to clarify that this is an easy strain to grow, and is recommended for begginer growers who marvel at its musky and piney flavor. Every fan of classic and sativa genetics should have it in their garden and if you are a beginner farmer, you will surely hint from the beginning of the crop until you are smoking those magic Jack Herer joints. It is in feminized seed format here at Blimburn seeds, add it to the cart, without fear.


Sour Diesel

In Orange County this is a much-loved genetic because being mostly sativa it motivates users to get out of the house on sunny days due to the active, creative and energetic effects. All of this is accompanied by the authentic diesel flavor that feels like THC-laden fuel in your mouth. Now, if we talk about potency, Sour Diesel delivers ranges of 22% to 25% THC, pure potency that brightens your days and lifts your spirits on those days when you feel depressed. If we talk about production, this strain delivers heavy yields that are 500gr / m2 indoors, while outdoors you get up to 700gr / plant.


Sour Diesel Marijuana Plant


You should not forget that this sativa is easy to grow and is ready to be harvested in 70 – 75 days indoors, for outdoor gardeners in October. The speed and ease of cultivation of this strain is due to the fact that it has a Chemdwag x Northern Lights x Skunk genetics, which ensures great harvests and cultivation, without major complications.


Sunset Sherbet

The magic Sunset Sherbet is one of the most tops in the USA. Sunset Shebert is an indica dominant genetics bred in California USA, which is why its popularity among West Coast gardeners is overwhelming. For consumers looking for weed that takes them to a state of introspection with intense mental effects and also, with a powerful body relaxation, then Sunset Shebert is its genetics.The THC levels of this strain range from 15% – 19% and are combined with the incredible flavor of this strain that has sweet tones of berry, orange and lemon citrus. Sunset Shebert is an exceptional experience for your palate.


Sunset Sherbet Marijuana Plant


This is due to the fact that this indica strain is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties, achieving good yields that reach 350g /plant outdoors and 200-250g / m2 indoor. The foliage of Sunset Shebert weed plants is wonderful because, they take an intense dark green color, the buds are rich in resin and trichomes, otherwise, they have dark amber hairs that combine in a great way with their foliage, giving it an exotic touch insight.



Gelato growing indoor in the maturation time with great colors.This hybrid strain of marijuana that they naturalized as Gelato, is originally from California and is considered a pride for this US, since it has become in a short time one of the most popular pot strains worldwide. When you smoke Gelato joints you will feel an intense high and then an intense body relaxation that can leave you lying on the couch and in a state of great calm and tranquility. Due to what has been said, we must clarify that this is a special strain for people with high resistance to THC, since they will feel the power of the 27% THC that this strain concentrates that manifests itself both in the head and in the body. It also stands out the great flavor of this genetics that has an aftertaste of berry, lavender and citrus, combined with a high touch of sugary sweetness.


Gelato Marijuana Bud


But that’s not all because, in addition, it stands out for its massive yields that are 500gr / m2 indoors and 700gr / plant for outdoor gardeners. These abundant harvests are obtained in relatively short flowering times since indoors it takes you only 8-10 weeks and outdoors, by October you are harvesting, without a doubt an incredible strain.


Nikki and Swami`s – Taangie

Taangie was born in a collaboration of Blimburn seeds feat Nikki and Swami. If we talk about tropical and fruity flavors, Taangie, which was developed in conjunction with Nikki and Swami, is one of the varieties that cannot be missing from your garden. This genetics, mostly sativa, has earthy, sweet flavors and tones of orange, citric, which leaves a rich taste on the palate when smoking or vaporizing, in extractions such as rosin, you can obtain the authentic flavor of this wonderful strain.


nikki and Swami Tangie Marijuana Plant


For novice gardeners, we tell you that it is easy to grow and does not cause major problems since its California Orange x Skunk #1 genetics is perfect for all levels of cannabis farmers. Taangie produces 450gr – 550gr / m2 indoors, while outdoors you can harvest the same amount of flowers for each plant. After 8 – 10 weeks of flowering indoors you can harvest your harvest for their part, outdoor breeders can harvest in September. We want to tell you that the harvests bring buds rich in trichomes with a potency of 21% THC.


Gorilla G #4

Gorilla G #4 growing outdoor in the summertime. In most of the States of the USA this is a super popular strain and its fans honor it by growing it, smoking it and always having it with them. The cherry flavors with spicy touches and pine, make Gorilla G #4 a genetics that will fall in love with the most experienced and also, novice users of the pot. However, that is not all because this mostly sativa strain also stands out for its high potency since it concentrates up to 27% THC and low levels of CBD of only 0.8%. These qualities make the effect of Gorilla G #4 energetic, happy, very euphoric and culminates in a special body relaxation.


Gorilla G#4 Marijuana Plant


If you are looking for genetic that delivers good high yields, this is the one indicated because you get 700gr – 800gr/plant outdoors and 500gr – 600gr / m2 indoors. Gorilla G # 4 buds are hard and compact like rock, covered with resin from the first days of flowering. Beginner growers need not worry because it is easy to grow and can be harvested after 9-10 weeks of flowering indoors or in mid-October outdoors.


Purple Punch

Purple Punch is one of the most favorite strain in the USA. If you want a feminized cannabis seed with which to enjoy a beautiful sunset in Oregon, then Purple Punch is the one since it stands out for its relaxing effects that are combined with a rich sweet and earthy flavor that concentrates notes of berry, vanilla, herb and grape, which makes it an incredibly delicious strain of marijuana.


Purple Punch Marijuana Plant


The flavor of this indica strain comes thanks to its parents that are a cross of Larry OG x Grandaddy Purple, I feel this last strain that gives it those sweet hints of fruits, while Larry OG, provides the earthy tones. If we talk about production, it is a mega-producer of buds with harvests of 700gr – 800gr / plant outdoors and for indoor growers 550g – 650g / m2 of flowers that leave you high. Some people attribute a medicinal value to this strain, because they say that it relieves pain and also, because it helps people who suffer from insomnia fall asleep. Migraine sufferers are not far behind and also praise this genetics because it relieves their pain. You can experience the great Purple Punch after 8-10 weeks of flowering indoors and if you grow outdoors, you can harvest between late September or early October.


Sweet Island

Kyle`s kushman, a great connoisseur and cannabis expert, helped us in the development of this genetics called Sweet Island, which is typical of Vancouver Island, where it was born in the 90’s. Being a strain from the West Coast, it became popular in California, USA and today it enjoys great popularity throughout North America. We emphasize that Sweet Island is a very resistant strain, although you must take into account and be careful with excess moisture and fungi such as mold.In spite of this, it is easy to grow, especially for beginner growers who are looking for a producing plant and who do not complicate life. The yields of this mostly sativa strain are 600 gr / m2 indoors and outdoors, you can harvest up to 1000gr / plant.


Sweet island Marijuana Bud


We continue to tell you that its potency is 19% THC, especially for expert weed smokers as well as for novices, who enjoy its grape flavor, with hints of sweetness and skunk, thanks to its Sweet Pink Grapefruit x Skunk # 1 genetics. Also, we want to highlight that its effect is creative with a good body relaxation and a cerebral touch that will blow your mind.



Grapefruit is one of those sweet genetics that all growers fall in love with since it comes from a genetics of Cinderella 99 also known as Cindy`s 99. This gives it an extra sweet and fruity flavor as well as its aroma that is impregnated on the nose and palate with soft hints of citrus. The sweetness of Grapefruit is accompanied by good harvests that are 400g / m2 indoors and up to 500gr / plant outdoors, being able to be harvested from the end of September to the beginning of October outdoors and takes only 8 – 9 weeks of flowering indoor.


Grapefruit Marijuana Plant


Finally, we can tell you that this strain is one of the easiest to grow, therefore it is indicated for new breeders. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors and also in greenhouses and it adapts greatly to climates of high humidity and heat, as well as colder and humid climates.