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Mike Wilson
RS11 gentics

The genetics of RS11 are hybrid with a sativa tendency and originate from a cross between the Pink Guava and OZK strains. Therefore, if you want to know more about the genetics of RS11, we recommend that you explore its family tree, looking at the qualities of each of its parents.

Therefore, we tell you what the parents of the RS11 consist of. We start with the Guava variety which is full of creamy tropical aromas with hard, dense buds. In addition, guava flowers provide an energetic effect that stimulates appetite. On the other hand, OZK, the second pararental of RS11, provides that body sedative effect that genetics has and that can feel very heavy when consuming its flowers. It also delivers the intense green hues seen in RS11 and its buds.

THC levels of the RS11 strain are estimated to range between 27% – 31%, making it a powerful hybrid in terms of psychoactive effects. Now, it is worth clarifying that the potency of each RS11 flower will depend on how the plants have been grown, on the conditions and experience of the grower in charge of the plants, therefore this power that we give you here is relative.

How are RS11 Buds?

RS11 bud

The buds of RS11 are among the most photogenic you will find since its pigmentation delivers flowers of light and dark green tones with sugar leaves with purple notes in some phenotypes. Added to that is that the smell of this genetics is super intense, it will flood the entire space where you consume RS11 and even more so, if you grow this genetics where you will feel the smell throughout the growing area.

Whether you want to consume RS11 in paper or through a bong, pipe and other glass paraphernalia, you will enjoy some supreme fat, robust and resin-filled buds that when opened give off the aroma we are talking about with a dense cloud of smoke. As we have already told you in other posts on our blog, the best way to obtain the maximum yield from the buds, including the RS11 flowers, is to cure the fruits in order to have the perfect effect that this genetics offers.

An important issue to keep in mind is that the buds, having so much resin, become super sticky and when you roll a joint, the ground bud with the trichomes that remain stuck to the flower will surely become strongly impregnated into the paper, leaving traces of resin when you smoke it. Keep RS11 in mind as an excellent variety for making extractions and concentrates such as WAX, Rosin or other.

RS11 aka Rainbow Sherberts #11 Effects

Flavors and taste of RS11

RS11 Flavours

We already mentioned some details of RS11 in terms of its flavor, highlighting that its Guava parent provides tropical aftertastes, which combined with the OZK parent generate a unique combination of flavors. We can describe the taste of RS11 as an intense gaseous puff on the palate with an intense tropical fruity aftertaste and even citrus notes, which play incredibly well with certain earthy aftertastes provided by the parent OZK.

As for the aroma, we tell you that it is penetrating and strong because it has the classic gaseous touch, diesel and sour type. However, this intensity is balanced with the aromas of its parent OZK, which tend to be earthier and somewhat less intense. In some specimens you can find Orange-type aromas, although those are some special phenotypes that can be found when you grow this genetics.

The allure of RS11 extends beyond its visual aesthetics and aromatic presence to its exceptional flavor profile, which is as complex as it is satisfying. Upon the first inhale, users are greeted with a multifaceted bouquet of flavors that intertwine sweet, fruity notes with earthy undertones, hinting at its rich genetic heritage. The initial sweetness, reminiscent of ripe berries and tropical fruits, slowly gives way to a more nuanced palette of flavors.

As the smoke settles, subtle hints of pine and a spicy kick emerge, delivering a sophisticated and lingering aftertaste. This intricate flavor composition makes each smoking session a unique exploration of taste, further elevating the RS-11 strain’s status among cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate depth and complexity in their smoking experience.

Moreover, the taste of RS11 buds is not merely a transient pleasure but a full-bodied experience that enhances the strain’s psychoactive effects. The rich terpene profile responsible for its captivating flavors also plays a crucial role in modulating the high, contributing to the entourage effect where the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes work synergistically to produce a more profound, therapeutic impact.

This synergy ensures that the euphoric and relaxing sensations are not only potent but also nuanced, allowing for a deeply satisfying and multi-dimensional experience.

Whether consumed through smoking or as part of an extract or concentrate, the flavor and taste of RS-11 are unmistakable, making every encounter with this strain a memorable journey through its aromatic and gustatory landscape.

The Importance Terpenes in RS11

This genetics has a very complex terpene profile, an issue that benefits it because it helps it have those aromas and flavors typical of it. First of all, we highlight that the presence of the terpene caryophyllene provides a spicy note, which balances the gaseous tastes. We also find the terpene myrcene which, as we know, adds those earthy flavors and also provides those relaxing and pleasant effects.

At the other extreme we find terpenes such as limonene that provides citrus notes that, in turn, cause energizing effects that help lift the mood. All this combination of terpenes makes RS11 a much more attractive genetics since it brings together a series of organoleptic characteristics that make it a variety of weed with its own name, which does not need any representation because it imposes itself.

RS11 Medical Benefits

RS11 Medical

There are some diseases or illnesses that can be treated with RS11 and, therefore, give a medicinal character to this genetics. Here we will see some of those diseases that can be treated with this variety.

Pain relief: It is estimated that it can relieve pain and some doctors have recommended it, after references from different users. This medicinal value is due to its high levels of THC that help control these afflictions.

Stress and Anxiety Relieve: By inducing people into an intense and heavy body relaxation, RS11 has the ability to take people to a state of superior calm that is highly recommended for people suffering from anxiety, panic attacks or mental problems.

Appetite Stimulation: We previously pointed out that this genetics helps stimulate people’s appetite and this is possibly one of the main effects in terms of its medicinal nature because it can help people who suffer from anorexia or severe eating problems.

Cannabis Cup and RS11

RS11 is a genetic that is making its way into the world of cannabis in the USA and is gaining more popularity every day. In 2022 RS11 was presented for the first time in Arizona during the ERRL CUP. The particularity of this event is that it is one of the new events that has garnered the most attention in recent years in Arizona and is beginning to spread stealthily throughout the USA.

But what’s really captivating about this event is that its founders are cannabis users who were looking to get the best medicinal weed in Arizona. Therefore, the event has a focus on both recreational users and medicinal users. The event also has a selection process for varieties that compete for a position, previously going through laboratory analysis, to determine the quality, the components that are present in the flowers and other types of characteristics that determine the good quality of an herb.

In the particular case of RS11 at this event, it left good impressions so we are not afraid to postulate it as one of the cannabis genetics that may be talked about in a few more years. Surely, he will reap many awards and recognitions in cannabis cups. On the other hand, the popularity that it is gaining day after day can help RS11 become a genetic that can be used as a parent to make crosses and new weed genetics.

 Is RS11 a Good Deal?

Of course it is a good deal to have RS11 in your crop whether you are a home grower or a commercial gardener. It is estimated that on a commercial basis RS11 has produced more than 1 million dollars in profits to those who have marketed it. On the other hand, home growers who want to have weed to smoke at home will be satisfied to see their dispensaries filled with jars full of RS11 buds.

How To Grow RS11 experience

RS11 Growing

To grow RS11 you don’t need much experience because it is an easy genetic to grow. This means that it can be grown by both novice and experienced growers. This variety has a flowering cycle of 10 to 12 weeks, therefore, you must have a little extra patience to obtain the precious buds that you like so much.

Despite being a sativa genetic in humid climates and high temperatures such as the State of Florida in the USA (Orlando, Miami), we recommend using good ventilation systems to avoid the proliferation of fungi and pests that damage the harvest.

In other places with tropical climates or with the presence of high humidity and temperatures such as Colombia or Mexico, it is also recommended to have a system that allows fresh air to circulate in the crop and also the use of greenhouses to prevent the typical rains of these areas from damaging the harvest. and in this way prevent the loss of plants.

If you are a grower from cold and humid climates such as England or the Netherlands, and you want to grow during the summer season outdoors, we recommend that you start growing indoors and after 1 or 2 months of having your plants in stage vegetative and when the plants already have strong roots that cover the entire substrate and a hard central stem which can withstand the wind or even the weight of some animals such as birds, move the plants outdoors.

You should keep in mind that RS11’s 10-12 weeks of flowering can make outdoor cultivation extend a little longer. Therefore, it is always good to have them sheltered in areas with enough trees or mountains to help them by absorbing humidity from the environment. This advice is preferably for those people who do guerrilla cultivation.

Where you will surely not have problems growing RS11 outdoors is in places with dry and hot climates, since this plant responds very well, especially in those places where summers or growing seasons tend to be a little longer. If we talk about indoor cultivation, the best technique is to do SOG, which maximizes RS11 harvests, obtaining powerful buds with super-defined structures. Additionally, you can increase the level of production in relation to the space you have to cultivate.

RS11 is a Exotic Weed?

RS11 exotic strain

It is commonly said that RS11 is an exotic genetic due to several reasons. Firstly, the colors of the plants of this genetics are brutal and you can find some phenotypes that are darker black and others more purple. Some phenotypes even combine both colors.  We cannot fail to mention those intense dark green phenotypes that keep more than one secret.

Now, that’s not all because RS11 buds also stand out for their features since we find phenotypes with a marked super intense purple tone and others with red wine-type tones in its sugar leaves. Without forgetting, some phenotypes can look orange tones since the pistils of the flowers can take on these colors intensely when they mature.

To all of the above we must add the flavors and aroma of RS11 that make it a completely exotic genetic because the mix between the sweet notes with an intense aftertaste of diesel and sour with hints of pepper and fuel make the palate navigate a combination. of flavors that become a bomb when you inhale the smoke of RS11.

RS11 Conclusion

In conclusion, although RS11 is a genetic that appeared on the lweed market in 2016, its consolidation has been progressive rather than explosive, which has allowed it to gain ground consistently along the way and not become a variety of Cannabis is a mere trend, but rather a genetic that can become a true weed legend in the future. High THC levels and unique genetics have made her popular among growers and enthusiasts. Although, we must be honest perhaps its high power is only relevant for some more experienced users.

On the other hand, its flavors and aromas, as we have pointed out, are unique and unrepeatable, being a stunning combination for the palate of every user. There is no doubt that RS11. It is a genetics of the new generation that will continue to be talked about even more when it is already being used as a base or parental genetics for the creation of new varieties, an issue that will expand the field of RS11 among cannabis genetics since , its DNA will be reflected in many more varieties of cannabis.

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