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Privacy Policy


Through ourprivacy policywe make you awareof theproper conditions of useon this website.

The use ofthese impliesfull and unreservedacceptanceof each and everyone of theprovisions included inthis posting,so ifyoudo not agreewith any of theconditions set forth hereinyou shall not use and/or accessthis site.

We reserve theright to modifythis Privacy Statementat any time.Your continued use ofany portion of thissite following notificationor posting of suchmodifications will constituteyour acceptance of suchchanges.


Thissite usescookies, smalldata files thatare generated on yourcomputer, which sends information without generatereferences to inferfrom your personal data on your PC.

Youcan set yourbrowser to notifyand reject the installationof cookies sentbythis site, without affecting the ability toaccess the content. However,we are not responsiblefor the deactivationof these impairthe functioningofthe site.

Web Beacons

As thecookiesthis sitemay also contain Webbeacons, an electronic chartthat allowsusersaccount foraccessing the siteor accessing certaincookies, so we can provide a better and more personalized experience.

Data protection

To use certainservices or accesscertain content,you must provide certainpersonal data, which will only be usedfor thepurpose it was collected.

The typeofinformation that hemayberequestedincludes,without limitation, your name, email address(e-mail), date of birth, sex, occupation, countryand city oforigin and personal interests, among others, not all informationrequested at time ofparticipation have to beprovided, exceptthat one we deemappropriate and so we will letyouknow.

As a general principle, this site will notshare or discloseinformation exceptwhen authorizedbyyou or inthe following cases:

a) when requestedby a competent authorityand after fulfillingthe corresponding legal proceedingsb) When in the judgment of thissite is necessary toenforce the termsof use and otherterms on this page, or to safeguard theintegrity of otherusers or of the site. You should beaware thatif you voluntarily disclosepersonal informationonline in apublic area, thatinformation may be collectedand used by others. We do not controlthe actions of ourvisitors and users.

Responsible behavior

The User hereby guarantees that the personal information provided is true and undertakes to notify any changes. The user shall be solely liable for any direct or indirect damage or loss that may occur to Blimburn Seeds or to any third party as the result of the forms being completed with false, inaccurate, incomplete or not up-to-date information.

The User agree toact responsiblyat thissite and to treatother visitors with respect.


If you have any questionsor concerns about thisPolicy, pleasecontact us at anytime via thecontact form availableon the site orvia e-mail: info@bbgprojects.com