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Buy Cannabis Seeds in Canada

Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson

Blimburn Seeds is pleased to announce that its cannabis seeds are now available for purchase in Canada through our website, with over 750 strains available in feminized, regular, autoflowering, fast version, fast blooming the new fast flowering line created by the Blimburn brand. We also have CBD and CBG strains for breeders or people who want to relieve their chronic pains. If you live in Canada and you want to buy cannabis seeds in Canada, with triple guarantee, fast and discreet shipping is only possible in Blimburn Seeds.

In addition, our feminized seeds when grown give off an incredible terpene profile, with aromas that awaken from the first days of flowering. Marijuana plants with large resinous buds, with unique flavors and effects. Discreet and fast shipping.


We guarantee our seeds if you follow the required germination process


We have more than 15 years dispatching cannabis seeds orders. We send a discreet package for all orders and with tracking number.


Our strains are unique, stable and are the result of years of study, hard work and stabilization.

Where Can I Find Cannabis Seeds In Canada?

It is important to buy seeds from reliable seed banks. From Blimburn Seeds Bank we have been working hard for more than 20 years, creating new strains and bringing the happiness of growing quality seeds, with genetic certificate and a germination percentage higher than 90%.

Blimburn is well known for the high quality of its seeds. Particularly their stability has impressed masters all over the globe. Plants do not suddenly show various surprising characteristics, but growers get out the product they had in mind when they planted the first seed. Aiming to serve all groups of customers, Blimburn has established product lines for every type of grower and diverse individual tastes.

The Best Cannabis Seeds For Sale In Canada

Having all this information, from we recommend you to buy Canada weed seeds high quality. Not just any seeds, they are feminized seeds with an amazing genetic certification and a high THC. The most demanded cannabis sativa seeds in Canada and part of the world. Some of our sativa seeds are in the best auctions.

When buy marijuana seeds for sale Canada online at Blimburn Seeds, we germination guarantee you the highest quality in each strain, with stabilized genetics, so you won’t have any problems in your love growing marijuana. Also, we guarantee discreet, safe and fast shipping, with the best offers for you.

Buy Fenimized Seeds In Canada

When buy feminized seeds for sale in Canada at, we guarantee you the highest quality in each strain, with stabilized genetics, so you won’t have any problems in your crop. Also, we guarantee discreet, safe and fast shipping, with the best offers for you.

Buy Autoflowering Seeds In Canada

We have more than 150 strains of autoflowering seeds online, only guarantees a fast and discreet delivery to anywhere in the world where you want to grow this marvel of weed with stabilized genetics, so you will not have any problem in your crop. Find unique and stable genetics high quality seeds. 

Amazing Autoflower seeds for sale in Canada. High Yields of lush and resinous buds in a short period of time. Ideal for growers who want to plant sativa, indica or hybrid marijuana in short periods of time. Buy now Autoflowering seeds by Blimburn Seeds.

Buy Fast Flowering Seeds In Canada

Our Fast Flowering Seeds for sale in Canada are unique. From we have our own brand of fast growing weed, our Fast Blooming seeds are a hard work to meet the high demand of our breeders who need to grow marijuana in short periods of time.

Buy CBD Seeds In Canada

Buy CBD Seeds for sale in Canada online! Home growers choose to grow their own marijuana to get a wide variety of seeds. However, not everyone takes the risk of buying male seeds since it requires expert hands in the grow of marijuana, but at we make it easy for you with information about each variety, genetics, flavors, effects, terpenes and a blog with numerous articles for you to become a master of cannabis.

Strains featured in this article:

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Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson is a passionate cannabis cultivator with over a decade of experience in the California cannabis industry. Born and raised in the heart of the West Coast, Mike has dedicated his life to honing his skills as a cultivator, becoming a true master of the plant. His love for cannabis and profound knowledge of its cultivation have led him to explore every facet of this captivating plant, from classic strains to the latest trends in cultivation and advanced techniques.

With a unique perspective on cannabis culture and a focus on sustainability and quality, Mike generously shares his valuable tips and tricks on this platform. Through his posts, he will guide you on the exciting journey of cannabis cultivation, providing expert insights and practical experiences to help you achieve success in your own cultivation endeavors. Join Mike on his journey through the world of cannabis and discover how to cultivate responsibly and achieve exceptional harvests. Become part of his community and unlock the secrets of a true cannabis master!

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