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Best Tips for Growing Cannabis in Colorado

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It is not the same to grow in the tropical environment of Florida, in the most warm zones of Colombia, in the mediterranean climate of Spain, or in the coldest zones of Canada to name a few examples. For this reason, we created this guide with all weed growers in Colorado in mind so that they have a potential source of information for when they want to grow their marijuana. Now, let’s start with the tips!

Colorado marijuana GROWING laws

Before giving you any cultivation tips, we are going to talk about the most important aspect for your safety and that refers to the Colorado laws around growing weed.

It is worth noting that in order to legally grow cannabis, when the plants are growing, they must be in a completely closed place. This can be a grow room, a garage, a greenhouse, etc. The important thing is that it is completely closed.

In the market, there are different types of greenhouses according to your budget or you can build your own greenhouse at low cost if you wish. It must be clarified that the law differentiates by age. People over 21 years of age can freely cultivate marijuana, however people who are 18 years of age require a medical card proving that they are a medicinal user of the herb. To avoid all kinds of legal problems when you grow, we present you with this information so that you can make the right decision for yourself.

Light for growing in a greenhouse

Second, to ensure good plant growth, we recommend putting your greenhouse in a place where light reaches at least 6 hours a day because as we know, cannabis plants need at least 15 hours of light during the growth phase with 18 hours of light being optimal. In the event that in your area you do not get the minimum hours of light that we recommend, then you can put in a lighting system that complements natural light. This system can be done at home with low consumption lights and some cables to receive the current.

For example: if your plants receive 6 hours of direct light and another 6 hours of indirect light (light that does not hit directly) in the greenhouse, with the lighting system, you can provide them with another 6 hours of light to equal the 18 hours of light needed for feminized, fast version, or regular strains.

We make these recommendations because we know that Colorado, on average, has 17 hours of light during the summer season. However, we are clear that it is most likely that your crop will not receive 17 hours of full light. For this reason, you will need a little extra help.

Pots or direct soil for the cultivation weed?

As the good gardeners that we are, we know that growing in a pot or directly in the ground makes a difference because the size of the plants changes radically, those grown directly in the ground being larger. The reason some gardeners get those giant trees that you see on the internet is that they grow in 50L or 100L pots, making sure to produce a plant of mutant size with gigantic colas and abundant buds.

Screen Shot 2022 06 23 at 1.17.16 PM

In addition, the most suitable pots for this case are cloth and round so the roots can develop. The cloth is a good container for the substrate and helps to greatly shape the entire structure of the plant. On the other hand, when cultivating directly in mother soil, you must be careful with the size of the plant so that 1 single plant does not occupy the entire space of the greenhouse so that you can include more specimens.

It is also good to take into account the treatment of the land because as we know, bad land does not allow the cultivation of strong and productive plants and can instead damage them. Hence, a prior treatment of the land and the sector that is cultivated is always good to ensure success.

The best month to start growing weed in Colorado

The first is to start growing the seedlings indoors during the month of March, either in the middle or end of this month with the aim of having strong and developed plants when they are moved outdoors or in a greenhouse. Carrying out this first step will save you problems because in the middle or end of May, the plants must go outside or be inside the greenhouse. For this reason, they can be affected by the last frosts or the winds that occur on these dates.

The healthier your plants are, the more capacity you will have to achieve large harvests. For the same reason, do not risk starting outdoors or in a greenhouse. It is better not to rush and meet the deadlines. Remember that when you grow outdoors or in a greenhouse, it becomes complex, even almost impossible to control factors that are essential for plants, especially when they are small such as temperature, humidity, and wind, among others.

Training for marijuana plants

Also, plant training becomes essential in Colorado because plants, when faced with a large space, either outdoors or in a greenhouse, tend to grow wild which is why they can end up collapsing in the place of cultivation.

Trainings such as LST to stretch the lateral branches and defoliation of the lower and middle part of the plants are essential to avoid the vuleto of useless branches and leaves that do not contribute anything to the plant. Also, doing pruning such as FIM and Apical at the tip of the plant to control its size and multiply the number of arms full of buds helps a lot in these cases.


Lowering the stem of the plant and leaving it in an almost horizontal position in the pot will also help you control the size and shape of your cannabis plants, in addition to enhancing the lateral branches so that they grow as if they were main ones, multiplying the number of buds and increasing your harvests many more.

Home growing marijuana in colorado

We have said that it can be grown outdoors, although the preference is greenhouse cultivation. We also told you that you can grow it in your garage or in a grow room. The important thing is that you take the necessary precautions. For example, in a crop in your garage or in a room, you will need to equip it not only with lighting, but also with ventilation systems including fans, air extractors, and tubes to evacuate the dirty air and also to bring in clean air and the air filters.

The latter are of vital importance for a domestic marijuana crops in Colorado because this way, you will prevent dirty air from contaminating your plants, causing fungi or discovering the presence of pests. On the other hand, you will not have problems with the neighbors for the accumulation of odor because the filters will do their job and will clean the odor that the plants emanate, especially in flowering.

The type of filter you use in your indoor home cultivation will depend on the number of plants and also on the power of the lighting you use. Above all, it depends on the size of the place where you grow, so it is good that that get advice before buying a filter system to invest the money well and avoid making mistakes.

Organic soil for growing marijuana plants

Organic cultivation is the best and growers in Colorado who prefer this type of cultivation at home understand that organic grass has better flavor, is more powerful, produces better and more terpenes, and leaves a delicious taste on the palate in each puff. So, here we leave you the necessary materials to make your organic soil and the respective fertilizers and compost teas to feed your growing cannabis plants. Many compostable materials, such as dead leaves and grass clippings, can be collected at little or no cost. Other items can be found in a growshop or online.

First, use carbon-rich materials such as straw, tree branches, and plant leaves, among others. To this, we add matter that is rich in nitrogen such as manure, algae, and the remains of vegetables from the kitchen. In order for the soil to have aeration, it is necessary to add coconut fiber and to stimulate the growth of the roots of the plant. Because the seed is planted, it is good to also have mycorrhizae.

Organic Soil
Organic Soil

Other essential ingredients for the homemade and organic substrate include rock phosphate, epsom salts, azomite and dolomite. In addition to providing nutrients, also provide microlife that is essential for moving nutrients to the roots of the plant, ensuring its vigorous growth.

Now, this substrate is not ready without the final touch of ingredients that include a spoon of powdered humic acid plus the bat guano, the blood meal and also, bone meal, together with molasses to finish the ph down and ph up regulators. This will guarantee an organic and homemade substrate with the right ph for cannabis plants.

Where can I buy cannabis seeds in Colorado?

That is a question that many gardeners ask themselves. Well, here we tell you that at Blimburn Seeds, you can buy the best cannabis seeds on the market! We not only have feminized, fast blooming, autoflowering, regular, and fast version genetics, but also great strains developed in the heart of California.

You can subscribe to our website and take advantage of the promotions, offers, and gifts through our website. Tell me, who doesn’t love when they get a gift? Well at Blimburn Seeds, we always have a special offer for you so you can grow big like the professionals.

Don’t forget that all our shipments are discreet and safe with super fast delivery so you don’t miss a day of cultivating. You can pay us through your favorite method of payment whether that’s card, transfer, or cryptocurrencies, so you don’t have any excuses left not to buy your seeds at Blimburn Seeds where we have a triple guarantee and assure you of high quality.

Top 3 cannabis strains for growing in Colorado

Animal Mint

We know that many like the indica strains and Animal Mint is one of the latest revelations. This strain originated from a cross between Fire OG x Animal Cookies x Thin Mint Cookies. It is mostly indica and has high levels of THC, ranging from 22%-24%.

Animal Mints seeds

With Animal Mint, you can achieve great harvests growing in a greenhouse as you can collect between 350gr-450gr/plant. If you grow them indoors, you can harvest 250gr-350gr/m2 of delicious buds full of resin. For climates like Colorado, this variety is perfect because it only takes between 8-11 weeks to flowering, producing relaxing sensations with symptoms of happiness and stimulating your appetite.

Apple and Banana

This hybrid strain called Apple and Banana is quickly becoming a cannabis classic because a cross between Platinium Cookies x Grand Daddy Purple x Blue Power x Gelatti brought this work of cannabis art to life.

Apple and Banana marijuana seeds

If that were not enough, flowering is very short and only takes between 8-9 weeks, perfect for places with short summers. Also, its buds reach THC levels of 23%-30%. Gardeners can reap between 350gr-450gr/plant when grown outdoors or in a greenhouse and 250gr-350gr/m2 when grown indoors. The flavors of the buds of Apple and Banana are a mix between earthy notes and tones of banana and apple, perfect for those who seek to try a sweet and different flavor.


When it comes to caramel, Gushers has no competition because this strain that is a cross between Gelato #41 x Triangle Kush, produces sweet buds with an earthy aftertaste and intense notes of caramel. In addition, the harvests are really heavy because they range from 600gr-800gr/plant outdoors or in a greenhouse and from 400gr-450gr/m2 indoors which makes it a mega-producer of sweetness. It also stands out for its high levels of THC, ranging from 22%-25%.

Gushers seeds

To the above, it is added that Gushers is a fast flowering variety that takes only 9 weeks in total. This is ideal for cultivation in short summers where temperatures drop quickly. But that’s not all, because the effect of this strain combines energetic sensations with good levels of euphoria and an end in absolute relaxation at the body level.

Now that you have this cultivation guide for Colorado, we hope that you will get to work on your summer cultivation or wait for the winter season to start cultivating any of the varieties described here. Use this guide and the advice we’ve offered as a reference. Remember, you can ask our team if you have any questions and you will surely get a great answer. See you on the next blog to continue learning about this wonderful plant.

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