Blimcoins Exchange Club


Get free seeds and big discounts

Earn Blimcoins with your purchases and contributions to level up


how can i get blimcoins?


First Order 20 Blimcoins

1 Blimcoin for every $ spent


Win 15 Blimcoins for every product review and Truspilot review

refer a friend

Get 50 Blimcoins for each user that complete an order by clicking on you referral link


Send us your Grow Diary and we will reward you with 100 Blimcoins!


Get extra Blimcoins every time you reach the next level

your loyalty will be rewarded

Get Blimcoins, free seeds and discounts every time you level up.

0 to 150 Blimcoins

Welcome First Order

20 Blimcoins


151 to 300 Blimcoins

50 Free Blimcoins

1 Free Seed*

15% Welcome Discount*

301 to 600 Blimcoins

75 Free Blimcoins

3 Free Seeds*

15% Welcome Discount*

601 to 1000 Blimcoins

100 Free Blimcoins

6 Free Seeds*

20% Welcome Discount*

1001 to 2500 Blimcoins

150 Free Blimcoins

12 Free Seeds*

25% Welcome Discount*

above 2501 Blimcoins

350 Free Blimcoins

25 Free Seeds*

30% Welcome Discount*

* On first order in each tier


how much is a blimcoin worth?

Blimcoins has a value of 5% of your currency

In your orders

Redeem your Blimcoins you want on each order

Coupon code

Convert your Blimcoins in a coupon code you can use or share it

rules and conditions:

  • Make a purchase, get 1 Blimcoin for every $ spent
  • Leave a review, get 15 Blimcoins
  • Refer a friend, get 50 Blimcoins
  • Making a Grow Diary, get 100 Blimcoins
  • Level Up

You can redeem your Blimcoins during the checkout, you can also generate a discount coupon, use it or share it with someone

Blimcoins has a value of 5% of your currency, p.e. you can exchange 100 Blimcoins for $5

Yes you can redeem your Blimcoins in a coupon code and share it

Yes, Blimcoins will expire if you do not place an order for two years

No. Blimcoins will not be awarded for purchases made before the start of this program

You can check your balance by accessing the "My Blimcoins" tab in your user profile

You can start using your Blimcoins at any time

Blimburn Seeds reserves the right to cancel any membership and accumulated Blimcoins for any reason, which includes but is not limited to non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the program and/or the Terms and Conditions of the website.

No, in fact we encourage you to earn as many Blimcoins as possible in order to enjoy the benefits of the different levels of the program.

If you want to close your account, please fill in the contact form and we will help you