Amnesia is a classic that was created in the ’90s. This strain was created by the old school. To this day it is still popular.

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Amnesia is a classic that was created in the ’90s. This strain was created by the old school. After many years it continues to have the same popularity. To obtain this great strain, Haze x Afghan was crossed. Its aroma and its powerful effect are characteristic of this strain.

Growing Details

Amnesia is amazing because if you harvest this strain personally, you will get buds for the whole season. As the plant begins to mature we will see how it is transformed into a beautiful Christmas tree. Packed with many many buds.

This strain likes controlled environments. They feel great in grow rooms. They are plants that, due to their structure, need a good vertical space, although the producer can also cut the plant to control its size.

He also loves TLC and keeps the temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, it is a super easy strain to grow.

Flavor and Effects

This strain has a very powerful and long-lasting effect. The Amnesia name for this strain is perfect, it is a Sativa dominant strain but with strong Indica genetics.

Expert smokers love to hold the smoke and savor this strain that has earthy touches, accompanied by a touch of diesel citrus.

From the first puffs of smoke, you will feel a mental stimulus that will run through your body, transmitting a kind of vital energy.

Its effects can last for many hours and in the end, you will want to have a great bud of Amnesia in your hands again, if you remember where you left it.

Data Sheet

CBD <2%
THC 15% – 20%
Sativa Sativa Dominant
Genetics Haze x Afghan
Days to Harvest
Day to flower 65”days
Max Height (meters) 1.5
Flavour Fruity / Incense / Wood / Haze (Metallic)
Indoor Harvest (g/M2) 450-500
Outdoor Harvest (g/plant) 550-700
Seed type Feminized seeds

Additional information


Mostly Sativa


Feminized, Photoperiod


Fruity, Incense, Woody


Euphoric, Physical, Powerful


Medium THC


Medium Yield