More than 120 countries participate in Global Marijuana March.

Global Marijuana March takes place a few days after World Marijuana Day (4/20), and has become once again a tangible sign that society demands a legislative change regarding cannabis, both its medicinal and recreational use.

The cannabis community mobilizes in the Global Marijuana March to demand cannabis regularization.

This weekend the media ignored Global Marijuana March that has taken place in more than 120 countries around the world. The mobilization of the cannabis community has gone unnoticed in the news, but not in social media, where the force of the pro-legalization movement is becoming more and more evident.

In a totally peaceful way, with proclamations, banners and all kinds of colorful identifiers, associations and consumers of all kinds came out on Saturday May 5 to demand the comprehensive regulation of cannabis, also in Madrid. The objective is to legalize not only medical cannabis, that it is very important for the countless people who still can not legally go to cannabis derivatives to help them fight their illnesses; but also the recreational consumption, because, as they claim, otherwise, it would be ignoring a palpable reality of today’s society.

This appointment occurs a few days after World Marijuana Day, making spring the season of greatest mobilization both on the street and in the networks, calling for urgent legislative action to address the issue of the legalization of cannabis. An issue that some regions in Spain have dared to analyze but it still remains taboo at the state level.

In the rest of the world, the situation of marijuana is similar. Except in some states of the United States, Uruguay or the Netherlands, in the rest the medicinal consumption on the recreational one still prevails, but it is only necessary a push like the one that Canada is going to give on the 1st of July so that the dominoes begin to fall successively.

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