Which professions smoke more marijuana?

The state of Colorado has conducted a research to find out which professions smoke more marijuana. In this way, they collect data on the cannabis habits of their citizens.

A Colorado research has asked workers in different sectors about their marijuana use.

Marijuana legalization brings news as curious and interesting as these. In the state of Colorado, where recreational cannabis use was legalized in 2012 and the sale began two years later, a study has been conducted on which sectors consume the most marijuana.

It is a measure of the Centers for the Prevention and Control of Diseases, which has revealed that 32 percent of restaurant and hotel workers have used cannabis at some time or do so regularly, becoming the sector which smokes more marijuana in Colorado.

The sector of arts and entertainment follows behind with a remarkable 28 percent. It is clear, nothing better than a little marijuana to achieve inspiration. The field of science is not far away either. Thus, with a significant 23 percent, workers in the health sector and social sciences close the podium.

The chocolate medal is carried by installers and mechanics. The 20 percent admit to use marijuana. Computer and mathematical engineers follow closely, tied with vendors with 19 percent.

At the opposite pole, the sectors which smoke less marijuana are education, public administrations, energy and mining, according to the research. In these, the percentage barely reaches six.

Far from being anecdotal, this says a lot about the behavior of a society that has assumed marijuana use. All this, thanks to legalization, which allows people to tell their habits without fear of reprisals.

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