Undergrow TV #144 | Cannabis oil based on buds, Fresh Cup 2017, interview with Rapsusklei

In this Undergrow TV chapter, they show us how to make cannabis oil. The go to the Fresh Cup 2017 and also interview Rapsusklei.

Undergrow TV shows us how to make cannabis oil, perfect for salads or pasta

This Undergrow TV 144 chapter comes with very interesting material, and not only for the good product shown at the start of the video, where we will see another lesson in cannabis cooking, but for the attractiveness of its different contents that are part of this new delivery

As we have said, in the beginning we are taught two ways to obtain cannabis oil based on buds: by maceration and bain-marie. Two different ways that give equally delicious and satisfying results for all lovers of cannabis cooking. The result is a perfect oil for any seasoning, and within a Mediterranean diet like ours, is the perfect ingredient to use it daily in salads, pasta, stews or simply in a slice of bread.

Another highlight of this program of Undergrow TV is the Fresh Cup 2017, a very special event that welcomed the good weather with high doses of good music, water and cannabis. An unforgettable party where good vibes predominated and the desire to have a good time in a 100% cannabis environment with the presence of many vendors of seeds and cannabis products in general, including pipes, vaporizers and many others.

The star part of the program is the interview of Brother L with rapper Rapsusklei to talk about the evolution of rap and the importance of music as a legacy to give a better perspective of the world to future generations. For that reason he criticizes the machismo in many of the lyrics of the most catchy songs of the last times and also looks back to analyze his beginnings in rap and how has been the evolution to this day.


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