Triminator, the marijuana trimming machine

Thanks to Expogrow Business Barcelona we discovered Triminator, a marijuana trimming machine which is able to prune two and a half cannabis kilos an hour. This machine has arrived to revolutionize the market of the cannabis industry.

Triminator develops marijuana trimming machines and save hundreds of hours of work to cannabis growers.

The professionalization of the cannabis industry inevitably leads to the mechanization of the sector. As happened in agriculture throughout the twentieth century, with the introduction of heavy machinery to help men and substitute manual work and by animals, it is also happening in the cannabis sector. A convincing proof of this is Triminator, an American brand that develops marijuana trimming machines to save hundreds of hours of work for cannabis growers.

Blimburn TV #170

We met Triminator and its creator, Dana Mosman, at Expogrow Business Barcelona last March. There we could talk long with this American inventor, who told us the history of the brand, its characteristics and its benefits, among which stands out the pruning of two and a half marijuana kilos an hour. This amount, made by hand, would take approximately three days to complete.

We recently published this post about the jobs of the future of cannabis, where the role of manicurer stood out, a professional in charge of pruning the marijuana buds to rid them of branches and leaves and get them ready for consumption. Well, after knowing about Triminator and its efficiency, we fear that if cannabis is legalized and the industry goes through a process of professionalization, this job will disappear.

Triminator highlights by its potential, but also its ease of assembly. According to Dana Osman, assemble it is not more complicated than Ikea furniture, so anyone can purchase and assemble Triminator without complications.

For now, Triminator triumphs in the United States, but with events such as Expogrow Business Barcelona, ​​its arrival in Europe is getting closer. Marijuana growers rub their hands, as do professionals in the sector, who have the possibility to strenghten the power of the cannabis industry.

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