“To regulate is to be responsible”, the campaign that normalizes cannabis legalization

Uruguay is a pioneer in cannabis legislation. This campaign fights for government’s policy and to raise awareness about drugs consumption.

The aim is to highlight the benefits of the measure and also warn people against drugs consumption

If we have recently written about Uruguay as a pioneer country in marihuana legalization, today we reaffirm our admiration towards our brother country after seeing how good they are working so as to fight against problems emerged in the past during cannabis prohibition. Nowadays they are trying to normalize the situation with campaigns destined to people.

With “To regulate is to be responsible” they keep improving public health and defending their risky decision. They have counted on society support and also famous faces like the singers Jorge Drexler and Ana Prada, or Miguel Brechner, president of CEIBAL Plan, for inclusion and equal opportunities with the view of supporting educational policies with technology.

In this video they underline what regularization means: rejecting drug trafficking, money washing, criminalizing consumers and violence, but they also warn about the damages of cannabis consumption. Some are perception alteration, loss of senses and reflexes, concentration and memory limitation or the emergence of sickness or psychologic problems.

In another order of issues, cannabis has already come to pharmacies in Uruguay, but it is still early to observe a sign on whether the measure is being effective or has penetrated deeply among the population. It’s a matter of time, but even so the measure is courageous and worthy of support.

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