The ‘Mani-fiesta-acción’ asks in Madrid for the legalization of cannabis

The ‘Mani-fiesta-acción’ asks in Madrid for the legalization of cannabis

They want to put pressure on politicians to make them work for marijuana regularization


The popular and central Puerta del Sol in Madrid was the nerve center where a demonstration, a party and an action in favor of the legalization of cannabis in Spain took place last Sunday, May 28. The so-called ‘Mani-fiesta-acción’, which brings together the concepts of a demonstration, a party and an action, is a political, social and cultural act.

It wants the civil society to push and at the same time legitimize the political parties to get to the work to regularize cannabis use in Spain. Different political representatives in favor of regularization attended the event, including members of parties such as the ruling and conservative Popular Party, the opposition Socialist Party and the newest parties Ciudadanos and Podemos.

The organizers of the action do not settle for talking about medical cannabis but they want the legalization of all types of consumption. They defend that this is an industry that could bring a lot of money to the government through taxes and could create a lot of jobs in a country with high unemployment rates and about 2.2 million marijuana smokers, according to official data. In Spain, consuming marijuana in public spaces can be punished with fines between 600 and 10.400 euros.

And an event like this could not miss the party so a large group of national bands such as SFDK, The Zombie Kids, Morodo or Mad Division, among others, played at Plaza del Sol to satisfy the thirst of joy of the participants. Now, they are waiting for the politicians to make a new move towards discussion and further legalization. Undergrow TV shows us the party in its last program.

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