The biggest Aussie cannabis event asks for a better access to medical marijuana

The biggest Aussie cannabis event asks for a better access to medical marijuana

Sydney’s Hemp Health & Innovation Expo wants to expand a small but growing market


The main Australian festival on cannabis culture, Sydney’s Hemp Health & Innovation Expo, took place last weekend (May 27 and 28) with a significant public success. This is its second edition in a country in which few events like this take place and where the industry is still quite small.

But things are starting to change, especially since last year when the Australian government accepted the medical and therapeutic use of marijuana, and recently added few reforms that  allows controlled cultivation and reduced bureaucracy for imports.

Medical marijuana was one of the main topics discussed at the Sydney festival and, while acknowledging the progress made, the Australian cannabis community complains that most users have to continue using the black market because difficulties for its purchase are still quite important.

Besides the legal advances that are gradually taking place in Australia, the festival presented other proposals and elements for the consumer, such as presentations, conferences or the great variety of products that are extracted from hemp, including skin care, food, building products, bio fuels and much more.

While the cannabis scene may have a long way to go on that continent in comparison to what is happening in America or Europe, the success of audiences in Sydney last weekend only shows its enormous potential.

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