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The Netflix Collection seeds

Netflix creates its own marijuana varieties

The Netflix Collection is part of the marketing of Disjointed, a new comedy about cannabis. There are twelve different seeds varieties based on Netflix best TV series.
MariaPlantis TV insomnia

MariaPlantis TV #29 | ‘Insomniaaaa’

In this MariaPlantis TV episode, Mario goes to the doctor to find a remedy for its insomnia, but things do not go as he thought
Undergrow TV aceite cannabis

Undergrow TV #144 | Cannabis oil based on buds, Fresh Cup 2017, interview with...

In this Undergrow TV chapter, they show us how to make cannabis oil. The go to the Fresh Cup 2017 and also interview Rapsusklei.
marijuana NBA

Marijuana will remain banned in the NBA

Despite the fact that several States have legalize cannabis, NBA will not change its policy about marijuana although it could be consumed for medical use.
Blimburn Seeds Blimburn TV marihuana

Blimburn Seeds’ production rooms | Blimburn TV #165

We pay special attention to Cherry Haze, a cannabis seed that Kyle Kushman gave to us in our journey to California.
uruguay cannabis pharmacies

Marijuana arrives to Uruguay’s pharmacies

You can obtain 5 grams for 6,44 dollars, depending on the value of the American money, if you are over 18 years old.
mother smokes weed

The reaction of a mother who smokes weed for her first time

This empirical mother decides to smoke marijuana after discovering that his son is an usual smoker. Do not miss her first touch with cannabis in this curious video.
pálida cannabis smoking

What is and how to fight “pálida”?

The "pálida" is like a drop in blood pressure caused by smoking cannabis, drinking alcohol or a bad feeding or hydration. It appears too because heat or high humidity.
cannabis and videogames

Mix cannabis with these videogames to reach the seventh sky

Videogames gives enough entertainment, but mixing them with marijuana provides us with a new grade of enjoyment,
Growing marijuana outdoors barcelona

Growing marijuana outdoors in Barcelona

We grow cannabis seeds as natural as possible to analyze their evolution There is no better way to check the quality of our own material than by testing it to analyze it live over the...
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