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Blimburn Seeds y el futuro de la industria del cannabis

Blimburn Seeds and the future of the cannabis industry | Blimburn TV #168

Do not miss the new Blimburn TV program. We interview Sergio Martínez, from BBG Projects and Blimburn Seeds. In our meeting, he spoke about his cannabis seeds bank genetics, the future of the cannabis industry and the potential of Spain as a marijuana producer.

Blimburn Seeds launches its new line of cannabis seeds

The new line of cannabis seeds from Blimburn Seeds is a winning template. 14 varieties that combine the most classic with the most revolutionary gannetics promise to offer spectacular performance, supreme quality and unparalleled flavor. Do not miss it!
spannabis barcelona sector cannabis

Spannabis Barcelona 2018 starts!

Barcelona and the world of cannabis stop to celebrate Spannabis, one of the most important marijuana fairs in the world that will be celebrated on 9, 10 and 11 of March.
Blimburn Seeds Blimburn TV marihuana

Blimburn Seeds’ production rooms | Blimburn TV #165

We pay special attention to Cherry Haze, a cannabis seed that Kyle Kushman gave to us in our journey to California.
Growing marijuana outdoors barcelona

Growing marijuana outdoors in Barcelona

We grow cannabis seeds as natural as possible to analyze their evolution There is no better way to check the quality of our own material than by testing it to analyze it live over the...

Seed’s production, sex change, Blimburn seeds, 420weedTV PROGRAM 149

Seed's production, sex change, Blimburn seeds. We go to one of the grow rooms where Blimburn seeds is producing seeds, in a cannabis association. Jim will explain us how they take care of the...

Feminized cannabis seed production Blimburn seeds part 2, #420weedTV PROGRAM 148

Feminized cannabis seed production Blimburn seeds. We are visiting one of the facilities in cannabis association where Blimburn make some of the seeds fro the American line. Clones brought from Harborside.

Blimburn Seeds, feminized cannabis seeds production room, #420weedTV PROGRAM 147

Blimburn Seeds, feminized cannabis seeds production room. We have the chance to visit one of the rooms where Blimburn seeds makes part of its American line.

Free Grizzly Purple Kush cannbis seed in Attitude Seed Bank

Get your free Grizzly Purple Kush cannabis seed from Blimburn seeds in Attitude Seed Bank before it will arrive to the stores in 2015.  

Adelanto Blimburn Seeds en el Rif con

Adelanto Travel Blimburn Seeds (Sergio) and BCN seeds (Karulo) the Rif in 2014 to shoot Series reportages that will issue in the coming weeks.
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