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marijuana NBA

Marijuana will remain banned in the NBA

Despite the fact that several States have legalize cannabis, NBA will not change its policy about marijuana although it could be consumed for medical use.
mother smokes weed

The reaction of a mother who smokes weed for her first time

This empirical mother decides to smoke marijuana after discovering that his son is an usual smoker. Do not miss her first touch with cannabis in this curious video.
Cañamo magazine turns 20

Cáñamo magazine turns 20

Cáñamo Magazine turns 20. In this time it has become a model within spanish cannabis world
Fresh Cup Zaragoza 2017

Fresh Cup Zaragoza 2017

Cannabis event multiply themselves at summer, where is much more appetizing smoke marijuana in a festive environment, like this Fresh Cup.
cogollando mamá cultiva marijuana

“Mamá Cultiva”, mothers who grow marijuana for their children

Mamá Cultiva is formed by an Argentinian group of mothers who fight for gifting to their sick children a better future thanks to medical cannabis
MariaPlantis TV Expogrow

MariaPlantis TV | ExpoGrow 2017

Mario visits Irun Expogrow, one of the most important fairs of the year. Well, that will happens if their fans let him...
Canada legalize marijuana 2018

Canada will be the first G7 country to legalize marijuana

It is undoubtedly a great step in marijuana legalization because Canada is a very important country with a good international image.
weed nuns cannabis

Weed nuns

The Sisters of The Valle is a group of nuns who sell medical marijuana since 2014 and ensure that cannabis is their Messiah.
to regulize is to be responsible cannabis

“To regulate is to be responsible”, the campaign that normalizes cannabis legalization

Uruguay is a pioneer in cannabis legislation. This campaign fights for government's policy and to raise awareness about drugs consumption.
Mamá Cultiva marijuana Argentina

“Mamá Cultiva”, mothers that cultivate marijuana for their children

Valeria Salech's son suffers from authism. She cultivates marijuana to fight against his disease and giving him cannabis oil.
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