Record-high support for marijuana legalization in US history

Support for marijuana legalization in the United States is higher than ever. With 61%, five points more than a year ago, it is at the historic high and adventure a paradigm shift in the coming years.

61% of the United States wants marijuana to be legal, five points more than a year ago

The United States has historically been one of the countries that has most strongly opposed drugs legalization. That has favored and chronicled conflicts around the world that have reinforced the increasingly violent mafias and caused thousands of deaths.

But precisely the United States is now one of the countries that is leading the change of perception about marijuana and is becoming a benchmark for its gradual legalization. In eight states and Washington D.C. recreational consumption is already legal while its medical use is regulated in 29 states.

Perhaps it is because of the good results of these experiences that US citizens now support  marijuana legalization more than ever. According to a poll by the MSNBC television network, 61% of Americans are in favor of giving legal status to cannabis-free consumption, compared to 33% who are against.

This data marks a record-high support, which in just one year has increased by five points (in April 2016, 56% were in favor of legalization).

Support is massive when the question is about medical cannabis. 88% of the population back its legalization, compared to only 9% who oppose.

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