Steep Hill, the world’s first marijuana testing laboratory

Reggie Gaudino is the chief science officer of Steep Hill, the world’s first marijuana testing laboratory. Do not miss the interview with one of the big men in the cannabis industry, who assures that any self-respecting industry needs to guarantee a quality product.

Reggie Gaudino, chief science officer of Steep Hill, tells us the importance of marijuana analysis for medicinal and recreational use.

This is the last post about Expogrow Business Barcelona, ​​but not the least important. Just the contrary. In this time we have known great brands, inventions that give a revolutionary turn to the production of cannabis, and great figures in the industry, such as Sergio Martinez, seller of marijuana seeds, or Kyle Kushman, guru and creator of Vegamatrix. In this equation, which includes personalities from all areas of the cannabis industry, we still had to talk to the area in charge of ensuring the quality of the product: the marijuana analysis laboratories. Thus, Reggie Gaudino, chief science officer of Steep Hill, opens our eyes about the importance of product analysis in a legal industry.

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Firstly, and although it seems surprising, Gaudino says that although its consumption is legal, there are many states in the United States that do not do these analyzes. An industry can not offer a harmful product, and there is no way to certify the healthiness of marijuana without this work. Recreational consumption may require fewer quality standards because every day we inhale a multitude of harmful elements in the air due to contamination, but the consumers of medical marijuana whose health depend on cannabis, can not use a bad or contaminated product, as the Steep Hill scientist asserts.

Its presence in Expogrow Business Barcelona is precisely due to the need of any industry to have analysis such as those carried out by Steep Hill. To this day, Spain has not yet legalized marijuana, but in view of what happens in the next few years, Reggie Gaudino predicts a privileged situation for a country with similar conditions to California, the cannabis mecca where it raises greatest number of cannabis economic incomes in the world. Thus, whether it is Steep Hill or any other laboratory that performs this work in the nearest future, it is obvious that the analysis of marijuana is an irreplaceable and necessary process for a safe and reliable cannabis industry.

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