Snoop Dog got Matthew McConaughey high on ‘The Beach Bum’

‘The Beach Bum’ is this year’s movie for marijuana lovers. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Snoop Dogg, is giving a lot to talk about. Especially after this last anecdote that the Texan actor has told on The Jimmy Kimmel Live.

McConaughey promotes ‘The Beach Bum’, a film he stars with Snoop Dogg, rapper and well-known marijuana lover

When ‘The Beach Bum’ is released, there will be few viewers who have not listened Harmony Korine’s film. Whether for purely cinematic reasons, or others more related to marijuana and the daring intentions of its director, the fact is that, almost unwittingly, the film starring Matthew McConaughey accompanied by Snoop Dogg is giving a lot to talk about.

The latest news comes from the visit of Matthew McConaughey to The Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote the film, where he told what is possibly the funniest anecdote of the filming of ‘The Beach Bum’. According to the Texan actor, he was “Snooped”, if everyone understands what that means. Apparently, in a scene of the film, McConaughey’s character goes to Snoop Dogg to ask for help to overcome a creative block, and he gives him marijuana.

The fact is that, where there was supposed to have been fictitious weed, created with oregano and other aromatic spices, there was real cannabis, “Snoop weed”. As it seems, all of this is recorded and, if it does not appear in the film, with luck we will be able to watch it in the extras. If these are as funny as this anecdote, will be more interesting than the movie itself.

Matthew McConaughey acknowledged that, for him, shooting was always about fun, rather than business. “I do not know how they paid me for making this movie,” he jokes. After this meeting, we are crazy about to watch ‘The Beach Bum’, which will also include the presence of Zac Efron, Martin Lawrence or Jonah Hill. Fun is assured.

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