Forget sleep problems with medical cannabis

Forget your sleep problems with medicinal cannabis. Unlike sleeping pills or other drugs, cannabis has not side effects and helps fight pain or stress, among other diseases.


Medical cannabis facilitates sleep, is natural and does not cause side effects.

In Spain, one in three people suffers from sleep problems. Whether due to bad habits or various diseases, the fact is that resting is essential for health and, therefore, it is a matter of relevance for both the population and the medical community.

Usually, natural remedies and drugs are used, even without medical prescription, but the use of medical cannabis to fall asleep takes more and more relevance.

Most existing drugs to combat sleep problems have side effects, some severe, and involve the intake of other pills to counteract them. In the case of cannabis, there is no possibility of suffering health problems due to its consumption, not even in the case of an overdose. For this reason, professionals of the sector do not recommend the use of cannabis as an alternative to combat sleep problems, but they directly invite to use it in the first place. If possible after consulting an expert.

Among the different cannabis varieties, those with Indica dominance are the ones that best help to combat sleep problems. THC has neuroprotective properties, and CBN (cannabinol) helps fight pain and insomnia, so cannabis will not only help those who suffer from sleep problems per se, but also those who have difficulties to sleep afflicted by serious pain.

Granddaddy Purple is a good example of cannabis variety recommended to facilitate rest and, like it, other of its same genetic composition, although in the end it all depends on the patient. Some, especially those of more advanced age, prefer not to smoke.

For them, there is the possibility of consuming edibles such as oils or other derivatives that facilitate the consumption of cannabis and make it even more attractive for those who are more reluctant to take it.

The future of cannabis to treat sleep problems seems hopeful. Once the cannabis industry has more resources and is able to do more studies about it, it will be possible to reach better conclusions and help thousands of people who pray for a good rest.

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