Seth Rogen smoking marijuana in a gravity bong

Okay, it’s not the first time we watch Seth Rogen smoking marijuana, but it’s the first time we watch him with a gravity bong, a pipe for experts that guarantees a real hit.

Seth Rogen is one of the most known marijuana smokers in the world, and he does not hesitate to share his hobby in the social networks.

Canadian actor, scriptwriter and director Seth Rogen is undoubtedly one of the most well-known marijuana smokers in the world. Not only because cannabis is a main element in many of his films; not because he has been saying it in some of the most watched TV programs, such as Jimmy Kimmel’s show; but because Rogen himself shows us his love for cannabis in countless photos and videos.

The last one, this brief video in which he faces a revolutionary invention: a gravity bong that guarantees a high like no other. The smoke accumulates in the upper part and, just before inhaling, you must turned around so that it goes through the nozzle, straight to your lungs. Or to Seth Rogen’s. In his case, no matter how experienced he is in marijuana smoking, he can not avoid a coughing attack that, we suppose, continues after the unexpected cut of the video.

Gravity bong uses, as its name says, the force of gravity and water to shoot the smoke directly through the nozzle. The one of Seth Rogen is a high quality gravity bong, glass and easy to use, but you can also make a homemade bong with plastic bottles and little skill. It is not extremely complicated, and the result is very efficient.

Gravity bong is very effective and guarantees a real hit with a minimum amount of marijuana. Generally, water pipes enhance the effects of cannabis by the purity of its smoke, but this bong takes the pipes to another level. So, we invite you to try this little gem. Of course, only if you are an experienced smoker, like Seth Rogen, a true idol for cinema and marijuana lovers.

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