Rosin presses, the future of marijuana extractions

Mechanization arrives the cannabis industry with rosin presses. These machines produce a clean, pure and solvent-free product in a few seconds, ready to be consumed. A revolution in marijuana extractions.

Rosin presses avoid the use of solvents or other harmful chemical products.

In the 21st century, cannabis is undergoing a complete revolution. In part, for the legalization of marijuana, which in many parts of the world is meaning the professionalization of a sector condemned for years. Thus, the cannabis industry is modernized again and again, with new genetics, products and machines to improve the quality and production of cannabis. One of the most revolutionary machines of recent times is rosin press, which takes the hash to another level.

These rosin presses give a great quality final product, obtained in an efficient and pure way. This is because they are only needed pressure and heat to acquire the extraction of rosin. There is no trace of solvents or other chemical products to facilitate the process. This is more similar to the any oil extraction, such as olive oil.

Step by step, the process is very simple. First, the marijuana bud is placed between two filters, similar to paper sheets. These are placed precisely on the press and then, it is time to let it work. It takes approximately 12 seconds to extract the rosin from the bud, which can be seen in the filter because of its brown color. Then, the filters are put, already with the extracted resin, in a metallic cooler to avoid the leakage of terpenes and speed up the process.

In several seconds the rosin will be cooled and ready for any use you want to give it. Thus, these rosin presses get a pure and malleable product. This is undoubtedly, the future of marijuana extractions.

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