A man recovers miraculously from Parkinson with cannabis oil

In this video a patient eats cannabis oil and he recovers almost miraculously from Parkinson, overcoming his trembling and being able to speak normally

This video demonstrates that cannabis has a lot of useful properties to fight diseases, like Parkinson

Scientific community does not overlook that cannabis is a useful medicinal substance. Even so, it is still being a secondary option so as to treat a lot of diseases and sicknesses, despite it is a natural product. It is known by its utility to fight articular pain, eating disorder or anxiety, and another diseases like Parkinson.

In this video a doctor gives cannabis to a Parkinson patient. In a few minutes he experiences a great improvement in his trembling and speaking. An almost miraculous solution that he can not use because marijuana is not regulated in his State.

The doctor says that, thank to experiments with animals, they know that the induction cannabinoid system is very important regulating motor activity, the very type of activity that is reduced in Parkinson disease. From animal experiments they also know that certain branches of the cannabinoid system is helpful in relieving symptoms of Parkinson. Finally, by anecdotal information, they know that certain patients who smoke marijuana experience relief of their symptoms.

Doctor Daniele Piomelli, neuroscientist and director of D3 (Drug Discovery and Development), in Italy, ensures that “the biggest frustration is knowing that exists an untapped potential comes from marijuana is teaching us to generate new medicines”. “We are stuck”, he states. The situation, although slowly, seems to take a new way, and there are more and more countries legalizing marijuana to medicinal uses.

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