California winery has made marijuana-infused wine

Rebel Coast Winery is revolutioning cannabis industry due to its THC infused wines. Also, they are working on new drinks, as THC and CBD infused champagne.

With THC instead of alcohol, Rebel Coast sauvignon blanc is available for $60 a bottle

The sauvignon blanc is a grape native to Bordeaux, France, which gives rise to perfect white wines to combine with chicken, turkey or fish. A fruit to obtain soft and aromatic wines with a low alcohol content, around 13 percent, but Rebel Coast, a California winery, after the legalization of cannabis for recreational use, has changed it all eliminating alcohol and putting 16 milligrams of THC to create one of the first marijuana wines in the world.

The grape chosen for this crazy and original mix fits perfectly with the cannabis aroma. It is a variety of herbaceous aroma, just the cannabis’ smell. In addition, it is a wine that does not produce a hangover due to its lack of alcohol and whose caloric intake is five times less than a normal sauvignon blanc.

Rebel Coast Winery marijuana wine

The sale of this wine started at the beginning of the year, at a price of 60 dollars a bottle, but if you are a wine lover and you live outside of California we have bad news for you: it is not allowed to be sold outside of this US state. It is also not available in restaurants without special licenses, so that for now its sale is reduced to a small number of establishments and legal marijuana dispensaries. Likewise, as with the rest of alcoholic beverages, you need to be at least 21 years old to be able to enjoy their flavor and aroma.

But the ambition of the Rebel Coast winery does not end here. Among his plans for the future is the launch of new wine varieties and also champagne with THC and even CBD, which will reward the consumer with the health benefits of this important cannabinoid.

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