The reaction of a mother who smokes weed for her first time

This empirical mother decides to smoke marijuana after discovering that his son is an usual smoker. Do not miss her first touch with cannabis in this curious video.

Ana smokes marijuana to test the taboos of society and know her son’s hobbies

Sons and daughters all around the world, know the coolest mother on the Earth. Sick of seeing her son returning home with an intense herbal smell, Ana, the woman’s name, decided to change her behavior and move from being a passive police to a field agent. If she previously used different stratagems to see if her child came home with weed smell or not, now she has decided to take part on the matter and know what it is that her son has been consuming. In this way she can know its effects and put herself in her son’s shoes to better understand his situation and one of his main hobbies, smoking marijuana.

First of all, Ana smells different types of cannabis varieties that her son gives to her, differentiating the aromas of each plant that she has at her disposal. Then Ana tries marijuana. First by smoking a cigarette and after with a vaporizer, the most potent method where the effects of marijuana are stronger.

In a few minutes Ana begins to notice cannabis side effects. Especially the dilatation of the ocular veins in a perceptible eyes redness. After a while, laughter appears. It is undoubtedly the most desirable side effect or one of the most relevant effects of marijuana use, which causes a furor among plant lovers.

Finally, Ana reflects on the experience and what it has helped her from now on to better understand her son and his particular hobby. She believes that if all parents whose children are regular cannabis smokers made the effort to try marijuana at least, they would be able to better analyze the reality of both their children and the current society, which in many parts of the world demands cannabis legalization.

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