Pot for pets

The acceptance of medicinal cannabis is spreading all over the world. Not only people with Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain or even insomnia consume marijuana, but they are also beginning to use pot for pets.

Pot for pets is not regulated and veterinarians can not recommend it because of the lack of studies that corroborate it

With the use of medical cannabis increasingly widespread and accepted, there is a new trend emerging. Every day there are more people who choose this method to treat their sick pets. And it’s not a minor issue given the multimillion-dollar market for pet-related products.

Owners can use a special form of liquid cannabis, formulated only for animals. Although some pet owners claim that the method works, these substances are not regulated and do not have the necessary scientific studies to prove their effectiveness.

Nevertheless, their advocates say that, in some cases, liquid cannabis works in a similar way in animals than in people. And as more US states legalize marijuana for humans, more pet owners are giving their furry companions cannabis-based extracts, ointments, and edibles marketed to treat from arthritis and anxiety to seizures and cancer.

Most of these pet products, which are not regulated, contain cannabidiol or CBD, and little or no THC, the cannabis compound known for its psychoactive effects. But in most cases medication has to be given without the consent of professionals. Veterinarians in California and other US states are legally prohibited from prescribing or recommending cannabis and are at risk of losing their veterinary licenses if they do.

Despite the lack of scientific data or veterinary guidance, many pet owners are convinced that cannabis has improved the health and well-being of their animals, based on their own observations.

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