Peter Muyshondt, the activist policeman

Peter Muyshondt is a policeman who supports cannabis regularization since his brother died because of a heroin overdose

Since He lost his brother because of a drug overdose ten years ago, Peter travels around the world to raise awareness about cannabis and other drugs

Peter Muyshondt has been a police officer for 20 years in Belgium. He has also been an activist in LEAP (Police Against Prohibition) and a member of Anyone’s Child, about families for the safe control of drugs. Peter’s world changed drastically ten years ago when his brother died of an overdose of heroin, cocaine, medication and alcohol. A fact that forever marked the life of Peter and that I have made travel the world since then giving rallies to raise awareness about drug use, but also to fight for their regularization and better control of them so that the story of his brother does not happen again.

Peter is convinced that the current drug policy, prohibitionist and uninformative, causes more harm than the drugs themselves. He feels strong to continue in his activist struggle thanks to the support of many police, judges or lawyers who have expressed their support for LEAP. Faced with the situation of a prohibitionist system, they advocate the analysis of substances, among the most and least dangerous, to keep young people safe. Of course, education plays a crucial role in the whole process. In this sense, Peter believes that we must be more honest about what drugs are.

Thus, Peter will continue with his particular crusade until the society better understands the marijuana world and drugs in general. Educating about them will help future generations know them better and know how to reject them knowing all their consequences.

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