Paraguay authorizes the sell of hemp oil for medical purposes

Paraguay authorizes the sell of hemp oil for medical purposes

It will be distributed from June and initially only available in a single pharmacy


The Paraguayan Ministry of Public Health has just authorized the medicinal use of cannabis oil. The measure is restricted to a single imported product, a single distribution company and a single pharmacy where it can be purchased. It’s a small step but it means a legislative change that sets a precedent: officially recognizes the medical and therapeutic benefits of the plant.

According to the Paraguayan government, the measure comes after the growing demand they have received from many parents who asked for their use for children with diseases such as refractory epilepsy or multiple sclerosis. He also points out that the regulation aims to end an increasingly widespread practice in the country where those interested in the product are producing cannabis oil on their own, without any sanitary control.

With the new measure, patients will be able to access products with CBD and THC, in a completely legal way and with the support of the Paraguayan government. The product will be imported from the United States and the first shipment is expected to arrive on June 8 to be put on sale almost immediately.

With many restrictions, the cultivation of marijuana will be allowed from now on so in the future cannabis oil will also be produced in Paraguay. Now the exclusivity of the import is for Laboratorios Lasca. Those companies that also want to import the derivatives of cannabis to produce the medicines will have to be registered. And doctors who want to prescribe the oil will be required to submit an application and each case will be evaluated.

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