Este exjugador asegura que el 85% de la NBA fuma marihuana

This basketball player says that 85% of the NBA smokes marijuana

Bomb in the NBA! A former player with a long career in the league ensures that most players, including technicians, consume marijuana. All of this is encompassed in a context in which the use of cannabis in the league remains illegal.
10 variedades de cannabis para mejorar tus relaciones sexuales

10 cannabis varieties for enhancing sex

Cannabis has been proven to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Its mental and corporal effect, along with its capacity to enhance the senses, and the rich flavor and aroma that it gives off become perfect ingredients to improve your sexual relations and enjoy a passionate romantic evening.
Feliz 4/20, feliz Día Mundial de la Marihuana

Happy 4/20: the real story that gave birth to the myth

Happy 4/20 to all! Happy World Marijuana Day! Do you know the true story of the 420 number? In this post we tell you its origin, away from legends and false myths.
Según Snoop Dogg, está es la única persona que fuma más marihuana que él

Snoop Dogg reveals the only person to out-smoke him

Snoop Dogg was on Jimmy Kimmel's live show to talk about his new album 'Bible of Love' and his love for cannabis. According to the rapper, only once did a person smoke more marijuana than he did. Do you know who can it be?
Trump no interferirá en las decisiones de los estados sobre la marihuana

Trump will not interfere in state’s decisions on marijuana

Good news for the cannabis industry and the cannabis community in the United States. According to a Republican senator from Colorado, Donald Trump will not interfere with state decisions on cannabis despite fears of federal control over marijuana use.