Más de 120 países participan en la Marcha Mundial de la Marihuana

More than 120 countries participate in Global Marijuana March

Global Marijuana March takes place a few days after World Marijuana Day (4/20), and has become once again a tangible sign that society demands a legislative change regarding cannabis, both its medicinal and recreational use.
laboratorios análisis de cannabis industria cannábica

Is the marijuana you’re smoking safe?

How do you know that the marijuana you are smoking is safe? The laboratories of cannabis analysis are proliferating and become a fundamental pillar for the cannabis industry of the future, where they can put their seal of quality on products that meet the essential standards for consumption.
Adelanto, el pueblo en bancarrota salvado por la marihuana

Adelanto, the bankrupt town saved by marijuana

The legalization of marijuana for recreational use has been a breath of fresh air for Adelanto, a California town of just over 30,000 that is enjoying the benefits of the cannabis industry.
Los empleos del futuro del cannabis

The jobs of the future of cannabis

The legal cannabis industry will lead to the creation of thousands of jobs, including cannabis cook, marijuana dispenser or bud trimmer, among others.
La marihuana legal superará las ventas de refrescos en 2030

Legal marijuana will exceed soft drinks sales in 2030

75,000 million dollars. This is the amount of money that a consultant expects the legal marijuana industry will sell in 2030. In contrast, soft drinks sales will continue falling until they are surpassed by cannabis, an industry that does not stop growing.