This basketball player says that 85% of the NBA smokes marijuana

Bomb in the NBA! A former player with a long career in the league ensures that most players, including technicians, consume marijuana. All of this is encompassed in a context in which the use of cannabis in the league remains illegal.

NBA prohibits the use of marijuana, but it seems that many people skip the norm

Explosive statements by Kenyon Martin, ex-basketball player of NBA franchises as prominent as Denver Nuggets or New York Knicks. This power forward who played 15 seasons in the basketball league says that today “85% of the NBA smokes marijuana and is still looking for ways to consume it, many people do it, people you would not think they could do it.”

These statements by Martin come out of the Bleacher Report, in which he met with other former NBA players like Matt Barnes, Al Harrington and Cuttino Mobley to talk openly about the benefits of cannabis use.

Not only Kenyon Martin has made the fans of the NBA speechless, but also the words of Matt Barnes, who adds that “not only the players, but also trainers and executives smoke herb. Some of those who promulgate laws to prohibit it, consume it in private”, he adds.

These declarations break out in the midst of a complicated situation for the most important basketball league in the world, and that is that more and more states are legalizing marijuana, whether for medical or recreational use. A few months ago the NBA was reaffirmed in the prohibition of marijuana, but it seems that, after the words of these players and the alleged evidence that cannabis is more present in the teams than it seemed, they will have to reconsider its rules regarding cannabis use.

This summer will be a turning point in this regard. Canada will legalize the use of marijuana for recreational use on July 1 and its influence will permeate its southern neighbor, surely spreading to other states to imitate its position.

Finally, remember that the Toronto Raptors are the only Canadian team in the league, which will have to adapt to the two legislations, the NBA and their own country, waiting for decisions to be made in the future.

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