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Medical marijuana is legal in 29 states, but only nine have legalized it for recreational use. The majority are in the West Coast, but there are more liberal governments which advocate for allowing a reasonable consumption to control it and even get benefits. Thus, there are more and more recreational marijuana dispensaries where cannabis lovers can enjoy weed in a place that achieves the required and recommended quality standards.

Flowhub, the company that lets consuming marijuana at work

FlowHub is a company that promotes cannabis business and allows their employees to have food and drinks with THC.

Marijuana arrives to Uruguay’s pharmacies

You can obtain 5 grams for 6,44 dollars, depending on the value of the American money, if you are over 18 years old.

Ermont Inc, the dispensary that makes THC-infused pizzas

This cannabis dispensary has made the invention of the century: a THC infused pizza that is being loved by everyone.

Mix cannabis with these videogames to reach the seventh sky

Videogames gives enough entertainment, but mixing them with marijuana provides us with a new grade of enjoyment,

Undergrow TV #143 | Doubts and “Y” joints

In this Undergrow TV new episode, the consultancy will solve some of our doubts about cannabis drying and we will learn how to do "Y" joints.

Uruguay, first country in the world to legalize the personal cultivation,...

Uruguay, a pioneer country in marijuana legislation, expects raising millions from taxes thanks to this policy.

4 tips to smoke marijuana on music festivals

If you are a cannabis smoker and also a music and festivals lover, do not miss these four tips.

Dabs, or cannabis concentrates, gain in (controversial) popularity

Dabs, or cannabis concentrates, gain in (controversial) popularity One puff can be five times as strong as taking one hit off a marijuana cigarette   With new...

Marijuana tester, the best job in the world?

Russ Hudson is an American living in Barcelona whose job is to analyze the cannabis samples of the most important clubs in the city, publishing his reviews on his website, Marijuana Games, where he points many aspects of marijuana.

Five cannabis strains that give an energy boost

Five cannabis strains that give an energy boost Super Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel, Green Crank, Ghost Train and Amnesia Haze have powerful anti-fatigue properties   Many strains...
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