Mix cannabis with these videogames to reach the seventh sky

Some of these videogames are considered masterpieces


 Cañamo magazine bring us this awesome article about videogames that will help you to feel high at a superb evening of joints, friends and videogamesAbzu videogames


A unique experience that is still being unbeatable. If a videogame has ever touched the appropriate keys of emotion and spirituality this is Journey, who aspired to transmit an aura of transcendence which seemed to be prohibited to videogames and has finally got it without any tricks. Journey is a reflexion about life cycle, death and resurrection. A mystic without being too sweet. It is in gamer’s hands give it a sense to this work. An hour and a half of total enjoyment, peace and lyricism.


Diving deep down the sea, swimming beside an incredible variety of animals, discover the rests of a lost civilization… Abzû takes us under the water in a contemplative adventure, a travel through a place with such mysteries as cosmos has. The sea, with all its wonders, is represented with an extraordinary lucidity. Each section of the journey aims to transmit a specific mood by its colors and minimalistic graphics, but which avoids details to create a visual profusion.


Proteus proposes us to be an imagination walker in a full of senses experience that can lasts from 20 minutes to the whole evening. There are no missions. Proteus wants you to drift around at the island. It wants you to make you think on your stuff while you walk, but, above all, wants you to dive in its sounds: a contemplative experience as there are not. Food for reflexion.

‘No Man’s Sky’

No Man’s Sky is almost infinite. It can be explored about eighteen quintillion of solar systems. It is thought that we would need 5000 millions of years to discover all the planets of the game. So, we are not speaking about an experience for an evening, but something immense, further from human scale.


The gamer is a flower moved by the whimsical wind in Flower. An apparent fragility, the one of a light leaf against the force of the wind, that turns into a skillful exercise and mystical vitality. But the leaf is not alone: little by little they crowd around. The union of the leaves, like they were a syndicate, strike back against the oppressor wind. These whirlwinds of petals that you gather around which let the fields shine uniquely.


A pregnant woman reviews a notebook of drawings of her girlhood in a melancholic beach hit by the rain. Drawings try to hide a trauma from childhood by the lines of a fantasy world in which a princess and her mother fight against a strange creature that threatens the kingdom. Bound is a journey through her subconscious and past memories.

‘The Witness’

Whether Proteus transforms walking in thinking, The Witness is an exercise of movement and thinking applied to solve problems that walker’s reason was not able to accomplish. Both videogames share the delightful scenary, an Island, but the coincidences end here. In The Witness there is a clear mission: understand and overcome a hard puzzle system.

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