Undergrow TV #143 | Doubts and “Y” joints

Doing an "Y" joint is a big challenge


This Undergrow TV program will help you to solve some of yout doubts about cannabis drying

This Undergrow TV video will help you to expand your knowledge about cannabis. In the first place, there is the followers questionnaire about marijuana cultivation. On the other hand, if you want to face the great challenge of doing an “Y” joint, they teach you how to do it perfectly. Finally, meet some of the best Dutch-Green products for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Some of the main doubts of cannabis growers are always aimed at solving the performance of plants. The first topic deals with the growth of a seed of its own, which, as indicated, must be planted directly in its final container so that the roots analyze the environment and do not limit its expansion. It is also very important to give the plant the necessary nutrients to grow green.

As for doubts about drying in damp places, the use of powerful fans and dehumidifiers is recommended, always taking into account the humidity of the room and its size. In any crop you can find both tools that, together with a dryer, will help you improve a good harvest.

For a “Y” joint you only need marijuana, cardboard and roll. By joining two long papers, about 15 centimeters long, it will be enough to make the base of the cigarette, which will be reinforced in its external parts so that when lighting and consuming, both sides burn at the same time. Definitely a joint for experts and regular cannabis users.

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