The funny reaction of two spanish women who found marijuana in their vegetable patch

These two women took it funnily the discovering


“They might take us to jail with Pantoja!”, they both, Maruxa and Carmen, joke in the video

Typical. Having a vegetable patch in your house and find suddenly a beautiful pair of marijuana plants. That happened to a pair of spaniards who develop a project called “I have a vegetable patch in San Sadurniño”. One of them recorded the moment with her camera and now they have become a viral phenomenon. Their reaction is completely priceless.

Both women took the discovery humorously, telling jokes that have conquered the social networks. “Is this to smoke, sniff or what?”. “We should taste it when ripens”. Or, “if some day I am crazy you would know why” are some of their funniest quotes, but this triumphs over the others: “They might take us to jail with Pantoja!”, they joke.

The video has almost 200.000 views. This anecdote has make their project public. The aim of it is to share the knowledge and experience of elder women in their vegetable patches thank to audiovisual media. The initiative started in 2015 and five women share their crops in Youtube with videotutorials.

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