“I secretly gave my son cannabis to save his life”


Deryn Blackwell and his mother fight leukemia with medical cannabis

After three failed transplants and a troubled fourth, the young British Deryn Blackwell, with a very rare type of leukemia, was given between three days and a week of life expectancy when he was 12.

Five years later, fully recovered, he explains his case in an interview in ITV‘s This Morning magazine, which already has more than half a million views on YouTube.

And for both Deryn and Callin, his mother, the reversal of the situation, when all hopes seemed lost, came with the use of medicinal cannabis. The kid, with infections and already without immune system, survived thanks to the antibiotics and the morphine he was given stopped being effective for the pain.

It was then that his mother started giving him a cannabis-based medicine that in Europe is legal for adults but not for minors. So, breaking the law, Deryn began a new treatment that almost immediately eliminated anxiety and panic attacks.

Most surprising is that a few days later, Deryn began to improve his leukemia, something that was practically ruled out. Her mother explains in the interview that cannabis saved her son’s life.

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