Marijuana tester, the best job in the world?

Russ Hudson lives in Barcelona and publish his critics in his own website


American Russ Hudson analyzes the products of the cannabis clubs of Barcelona

For marijuana lovers, being able to work as a consultant and taster of your favorite plant can be a gift from the sky. This is the case of the American Russ Hudson, who has established his residence in Barcelona, ​​one of the most tolerant cities in Europe, and offers his services mainly to the many cannabis clubs in the city.

He meets with its managers and experts from the sector to analyze the products offered in this market and publishes reviews. He also guides consumers to know the best varieties of marijuana there are, mainly in Barcelona, ​​but also in other places in Spain (where there are more than 300 clubs), the Netherlands and the United States.

Russ Hudson publish his critics in his website, Marijuana Games

His interest in the highest quality of products and his 25 years of experience as a regular consumer have led him to create a follow-up of analysis parameters for all the varieties that he checks. He analyzes elements such as appearance and texture, smell and taste, the power of the high, the places of the body most affected by that high or the duration of its effects.

The reviews are published on his own website Marijuana Games, highlighting pros and cons. Hudson is a smoker since he was 13 to treat anxiety and he advocates that recreational consumption is also medicinal consumption. He explains it in Daily Vice’s video, just before smoking a new joint and going to run ten kilometers through the streets of the Catalan capital.

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