4/20 or 420 is the favorite number of marijuana lovers, but do you know why?

Happy World Marijuana Day to all! We could not start the article without first wishing you a happy day before entering the field and explain why the 4/20 or 420 is the favorite number of marijuana lovers and how it has become a symbol of the cannabis culture.

There are many stories and legends about this mythical figure. Some more credible than others, but apparently, it all started in the 70s in California, within a group calling itself the Waldos. Some teenagers that arranged to meet after class to smoke marijuana. Specifically at 4:20 in the afternoon. With the habit, they started using this code to refer to an illegal activity that was very persecuted at the time.

Over time, the concept expanded like foam, reaching all parts of the world. Thus, 4:20 became an encrypted language to refer to cannabis use. After a few years, April 20 (4/20) became the World Marijuana Day, until today, in which we celebrate a special day, the maximum celebration of a movement and a culture that have more and more importance in society.

It is usual to belief that everything started with a police code, the 420, to warn of cannabis use and call their partners to the action by radio, but none of that, everything started with a small group of teenagers whose only interest was to enjoy cannabis together.

The complete story is detailed by The Huffington Post in this interesting article, essential to know one of the milestones of the cannabis culture.

Happy 4/20!

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