“Cooking with herb”, Bob Marley’s daughter cookbook

The book contains 75 recipes with cannabis


Cedella Marley presents her guide to incorporate cannabis into the diet

That Bob Marley was one of the most influential musicians of the twentieth century is something that every music lover knows. He raised reggae as a musical style, helped spread Jamaica and the Rastafarian movement all over the world too. And he was a cannabis smoker is needless to be said. Even so, her daughter, Cedella Marley, singer-songwriter, writer and fashion designer, highlights this facet of her father in her new book, “Cooking with herb”, where she details that cannabis “was like another member of our family”.

Cedella Marley started using cannabis very young and, although she has stopped smoking it to take care of her voice, she continues using it in recipes that she explains in this book. In it, she tells the benefits of marijuana use and the many ways in which it can be used in the kitchen, such as appetizers, desserts or smoothies, as we have published on other occasions.

“Cooking with herb” consists of 75 recipes, but these are not the only content in the book. Marley also tells how her life was with her parents in a series of anecdotes that relate the Rastafarian lifestyle of the 70s, where cannabis played an indispensable role, almost sacred to those who professed that culture.

The love of Cedella Marley’s parents for music, cooking and cannabis has shaped her personality and her way of life. Also this book, where she combines three of her many hobbies. Even so, she warns of the abusive use of marijuana, which can be very harmful to health. Therefore, the amounts of THC included in the recipes are small, enough to taste cannabis and experience its effects without developing an addiction or problems related to its consumption.

Bob Marley’s daughter celebrates that cannabis is becoming legal in more places in the world, like some States of the United States, South America or Canada. She herself launched in 2014 Marley Natural, a brand of products with cannabis which benefits from favorable legislation with the use of medical and recreational marijuana.

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