Maxine Waters thinks investing in cannabis companies is as absurd as in light speed travels enterprises

The cannabis industry is unstoppable. The trend in favor of legalization is being imposed irremediably in more and more countries. For example, there are already 29 states in the United States in which the use of medical marijuana is legal, and eight in which recreational use is regulated and allowed, but there are still those who are unable to see the benefits of legalizing the use of marijuana.

The US House of Representatives recently discussed a bill called the Regulation A+ Improvement Act of 2017 on investments and exemptions for particular small companies, when the representative of California’s 35th and 29th districts spoke. Maxine Waters, that’s the name of the congresswoman, showed her concern for investments in companies such as the “paraphernalia” of cannabis, flying cars, studying UFOs, telepathy and travel at the light speed. She believes those who support this legislation waste the time looking for “artificially” companies of this type.

Not only was she not alone in her comparison between the cannabis industry and companies related to UFO sightings, among others. Joyce Beatty, representative of Ohio, cited the same article as her partner. A report by the investment magazine Barron’s which reflects the decline in companies open to public investment, including the organization of UFO sightings, such as Blink 182 exguitarist Tom DeLonge’s, named To The Stars Academy, founded last October.

Beyond the anecdote, it is noteworthy that there are still members of the policy, with the possibility of taking important decisions, which still jokes about investing in the cannabis industry. A point of view away from reality, because in 2016 the Northamerican cannabis market closed with sales estimated at more than 6.7 million dollars. A not insignificant amount, not even for the most skeptical politicians. With these figures, and their predicted increase over the years, positions like those of these two congresswomen can not be further from the feeling of society and the business sector of the present and the nearest future.

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