Flowhub, the company that lets consuming marijuana at work

FlowHub gives more value to employee's performances than how they behave


As long as you are getting your work done effectively, you can enjoy food and drinks with THC

The vast majority of companies prohibit cannabis at work, be it smoked or other ways, but there are some revolutionary companies that promote the consumption of marijuana among their employees. One of them is the software company Flowhub, which allows its employees to have drink and food with THC (like these delicious pizzas). The founders of the company, Kyle Sherman and Chase Wiseman, are clear about it. They say that the only thing that matters in their company is that the employees do their job: “If marijuana helps our employees to do their job, we do not care if they use it”

What do you think about the position of companies like Flowhub with respect to marijuana use? Do you consider it appropriate to allow employees to be under the effects of narcotic substances? Do you think that everything that can improve the spirit and efficiency of employees has to be applied? And you, would you like to work in a place like this?

The legislation about possession and consumption of cannabis is still very rigid, but little by little little advances are being made that promise a good future for marijuana lovers who smoke cannabis daily. Over time, its consumption is normalizing, and companies such as Flowhub and many others help with their liberal policies to change the negative perception that society nowadays has about cannabis, its habitual users and the effects it causes in the people. A work worthy of value, which does a lot for the present and short-term future for marijuana in society.


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