Argentine police seized 6,000 marijuana kilos in a major police operation

Buenos Aires has witnessed in recent days one of the most paranormal events that are remembered within the world of cannabis. The Argentine police deposited in the town of Pilar 6,000 kilos of marijuana seized from drug trafficking. A large operation, worthy of appearing in all the news, but if the news has traveled the world is not because of the high amount of marijuana retained, but the disappearance of 540 kilos and, what is more, the justification given by the agents of the law. As they say, the remaining marijuana could have been eaten by the rats.

For whatever reason, this version has not convinced the Argentine Justice, which has opened an investigation into what happened. For now, the eight agents in charge of the custody of the seized marijuana must testify before the judge on the charge of irresponsibility in the custody. In addition, the agents have been dismissed, three of them being police commissioners.

One of the main reasons that lead the Ministry of Security and Justice to suspect the agents is the absence of trace of the missing marijuana, but especially of the rats, which should have died by thousands. On the contrary, it seems that the 540 kilos of cannabis had vanished. That, or the rats had assimilated it with total normality.

Be that as it may, the news has spread throughout the world, awakening the sense of humor of many, who have taken the opportunity to joke about the matter. Who does not really like it is the Argentine police and the rest of the authorities of the South American country, who have been ridiculed and will be working hard to try to rebuild their image and, by the way, find those dissappeared 540 cannabis kilos.

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