10 mythical songs about marijuana

There are artists from all genres: from jazz to rock


This list from gathers groups like Ska-p with giants like Bob Marley or Neil Young with marijuana as main character

El País published a very interesting list years ago about songs, hymns of the cannabis culture, some more rescindable and others in a tone of humor. A list that we share today:

Muggles, by Louis Armstrong (1929)

A song about marijuana… without lyrics. We all know it is about weed because of the title, the name that cigarettes received in northamerican pubs in the ‘20s and ‘30s.

Sweat Leaf, by Black Sabath (1971)

Kaya, by Bob Marley & The Wailers (1971)

Kaya is one of the most of names that rastafarians give to marijuana. It is basically a song to a lifestyle in which weed plays a very important role.

Roll another number (for the road), by Neil Young (1975)

A lazy and brilliant country-rock that broke with the sense of unease of the vinyl’s A face. «Think I’roll another number for the road», Young sings.

Legalize it, by Peter Trosh (1976)

The most relevant hymn of legalization. Tosh moved away from Marley and The Wailers because he accused them of being too much occidental. Later, this hymn was born.

I wanna get high, by Cypress Hill (1993)

The biggest defenders of marijuana consumption of the ‘90s with a huge amount of songs about weed. This is one of the most listened ones.

Aquí no podemos hacerlo, by Los Rodríguez (1995)

In the times of censure this was a suggesting title, with a double sense for who wants to see it, but reggae rhythm gives a lot of clues.

Bolleré, by Raimundo Amador (1995)

This spaniard adapted this song by Cathy Claret, who showed him OCB smoking papers, a very thin one in which it can be seen the word “Bolloré”.

Marijuana, by Brujería (1997)

Formed by members of hard groups, it is surprising this song to be a parody of Macarena, by Los Del Río, but with rudest voices.

Cannabis, by Ska-p (1999)

“Lega, legalización, cannabis / de calidad y barato”. The ones who have not shout this catchphrase in a bar with ska rhythm and a beer in the hand, please raise up your hand.

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