“Could modern cannabis save the world?”


“Could modern cannabis save the world?”

American cannabis leader, Steve DeAngelo, kicked off Cannabis Health Summit talks with his powerful message


Presented like the TED talks for cannabis, the Cannabis Health Summit took place on May 6 and 7 and brought together the world’s top cannabis and health experts. The idea was to educate and empower population with the latest facts, science, and credible information about cannabis today.

Green Flower Media, an online cannabis education site and organizer of the gathering, explained the goal of the event was to demystify the weed and remove stigmas.

The first of the 30+ talks of the 2-day event was given by the activist, advocate for cannabis reform and entrepreneur Steve DeAngelo. And with his discussion “What’s Exciting About Modern Cannabis Today”, he went further and with his powerful and soft style defended that legal cannabis use can be the answer to many problems of modern society.

DeAngelo asked for a reduction of cannabis price to promote an increase of its use. “I think more people using cannabis more frequently is just not more harmful, it is a positive good for the world we are living in”. He explains that health and wellness of millions “will be dramatically improved by the therapeutic use of medical cannabis”.

He assures that alcohol and pharmaceutical consumption drops when cannabis is legal, as violent crime, suicide and domestic violence does. He even thinks that may be the case for bigger social problems like sexism, homophobia and racism.

Aside from public health benefits, he says that the increase of cannabis use encourages tolerance, opens minds, makes people having a better appreciation of nature and they prefer peaceful ways of solving problems.

For “our disrespect of mother nature, our own existence is threatened” so Steve DeAngelo suggests that “modern cannabis might just be essential to the preservation of the modern world”.

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